Thursday, November 22, 2012

 We decided to go on a bear hunt at Logan's house when we were there for Thanksgiving.
 We started by walking down their street.
 We hiked up the hill. No bears.
 We went through the mud.  No bears.
 We went through the tall grass.  No bears.
 We went up the tree. No bears.
 Still no bears. 
 We put out pretty girls for bait.  Still no bears.
 We crossed into forbidden areas.  Still no bears.
 We climbed the rocks.  Still no bears.
 We collected souvenirs.  No bears.
 We kindly called and waived.  Still no bears.
 We hung out and talked.  Still no bears.
 Nope.  No bears here.
 Nope.  No bears here either.
 No bears in the holes between the rocks.
 We crossed the really gross pond.  No bears.

 We walked across the balance beam.  Still no bears.
We climbed to the other side of the mountain above the really gross pond.  Still no bears.  But we will keep looking . . .

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