Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving day was a treat.  We spent it in Coeur d' Lane with Logan and Rachel.  We loved spending time with our four children and four grandchildren.  We certainly have much to be thankful for.

 We made macaroni necklaces.  Grandpa and Jack were free lancers.
 Allison and Addy were very organized.
 Grandma and Evelyn were very stylish.
 We read a lot of books over, and over, and over, and over . . .
 Courtney and Maren played in the super mobile.
 Grandpa took over after Courtney was worn out.  He had more fun than Maren.
 Logan in the kitchen carving the turkey. 
 It was a real feast. 
 Courtney and Addy enjoying the food together.
 We split into three teams and made desserts in the spirit of the "iron chef".  Then the neighbors came over and acted as judges.  Good fun.  We all won!! 
 Allison read lots of books to Jack and Addy.
 We counted out 12,000 mailers in groups of 100 to be sent out throughout the town.

 We lounged around Logan's new dental office.  He and Rachel have made lots of progress.  It was fun to take the tour.
 Thanksgiving night we went to the Coeur d' Lane parade and lighting ceremony.  It was very well attended and tradition worthy.  I especially liked the boats on the lake all lit up with Christmas lights.
 Logan and Rachel at the parade.
 Courtney, Nancy, and Allison at the parade. 
 The parade was at night, so all the floats were lit up.  It rained a bit, but nothing serious.
 After the parade, there were fireworks over the lake and the lighting of the downtown lights.
On Friday, the girls went shopping and saw Santa Claus.  The boys went on a hike at Black Bay, but had no camera.  Then at night we made ginger bread houses. 

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