Sunday, November 18, 2012

 This has been a good couple of weeks.  We have enjoyed the fall weather.  Here's a quick look at some pictures.
 We voted!!  Some or our choices won and some didn't.  But, living in the United States of America is always a win.
 Working in the garage.  This is Tanner and his room mate Eric.  I provide the garage and they provide the broken stuff.
 I showed Tanner some places to go jeeping . . . on the way we stopped and shot some skeet.
 Our fingers represent the number of pigeons we hit out of five.

 Nancy and the kitchen are still getting along quite well.  And, we love that.  She is preparing something for her kindergarten class.  Look at the next picture and you will see her colored macaroni for her students to make necklaces with.  I think it has something to do with Thanksgiving.
 At the golf course after school and work.  We went to the driving range.  It was a beautiful sunset. 
Nancy and I went to the High School 5A State Championship Football game in Pocatello.  The whole town was there.  Madison won!  They were 12 and 0 for the season.  

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