Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We are currently at Haley's house having a great time. She and Bennett are wonderful hosts, and their home is beautiful. I think they have a very fun life together. Of course it will get 100 times better when Matt gets home. He is a model husband and father. We love him and are excited for him, Haley and Bennett to be reunited.

As you all know, I read a talk from General Conference every day and try to pick something out that I can apply to my own life. Here's a quote from President Packer that I like, he says, "do a lot of forgiving and a little repenting, and you will be visited by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost . . . You will be watched over and blessed--you and yours.

Now for the pictures and news of the last couple of weeks:

Some of these pictures are out of order, but that's okay. I'll go in and fix them later. We had a great time at our first "Greg and Nancy Hazard" family reunion in Oklahoma. Griff and Ash were wonderful hosts and we hardly noticed the heat. Haley and Bennett made the drive up from Texas which added tons of fun to the reunion. And the drive out with Nancy, Allison, and Courtney was a great way to start the reunion. Of course, we greatly missed Logan and his family, and Matt, but we are proud of them for where and what they are doing.
We drove all through the night on Saturday so we would be there in time to hear Griff, Ash, and Jeff speak in sacrament meeting. They all did a great job and it was well worth the drive. Here we are leaving for the church.
A pair of beautiful women. Ash and Zoey. Like mother like daughter.
Pool time!! The neighborhood pool was always a good option. Here's Nancy walking home. She's beautiful too!
Boat time!! We spent a couple of mornings on Hominy lake about 10 miles from Griff and Ash's house. It was very refreshing and lots of fun. Allison and Bennett . . . the boat mates!
Another walk to the pool. With such company, the walk was almost as fun as the swim.
Food time. Zoey and Courtney. Food mates!!
We got to visit the law office where Griff works. Very nice.
Griff's office is in the building in the background. I don't know how he gets anything done with the view he has from his 4th story total window office. It was beautiful.Here's a shot of dad and daughter in front of the office.
Pool time!
Tuesday was Zoey's first birthday. We went to Jeff and Charlotte's home for a birthday celebration. Happy birthday Zoey. It's been a good year. Now it's time to get some teeth.
Happy birthday! Mom and Dad did good.
Wow!! Is all this for me???
Zoey and Bennett playing together. They were great parallel players.
After we got Griff from work, we went to the "Fat Boy Burger Bar" for dinner. The best hamburger I've ever had. It is about a block from Oklahoma State and right next to the minor league baseball field. Fun, fun, fun!
The captain.
Sometimes it takes two.
Here's two of the happiest people on the planet. Thanks kids!
Haley and Bennett. Swimming lessons between wake boarders.
Ahh, the four siblings. We missed Logan and his family a lot.
Come on Nancy and Bennett . . . hands up!!
Woo Hoo ... go grandma!!
No Bennett, you've got to stay in the tube.
We could do this all day!!
Submarine time. No, no, no, no . . . !
Wake boarding. Hurray for Haley.
and Courtney!

and Griff!!
and ????? guess who this is.
Skier down . . . hands up! This was Bennett's job.
Boat time. What a fun group.
More boat time. Bennett found out the boat was "slippery" and had a good laugh.
Allison and Nancy. "We just like staying in the boat".
Bennett teaching Captain Griff how to drive.
Allison and Ash. Don't they look like twins?
Cool glasses Court.
Happy Dad.
More boat time. Hands up Court!
We all love Nancy. I like to refer to her as my miracle woman.
Golf time. Go Griff.
Go Court . . . the 23rd time is the charm!
Go Ash . . . it's not that hot.
Hit away Ash. Show us how it's done.
We had thoughts of boating on the cool lake while we golfed in the cool 100 degree weather.
I found it!!!
The cute family at the Tulsa Aquarium

Zoey and Griff at the Aquarium.
After thoughts of golfing in the Aquarium. I'm sure I could have beat griff if I'd taken my fist hit. (We tied after 9 holes)
Tennis anyone. Lots of fun. The courts are next to the pool, so we could play, get hot, and then cool down immediately. Very nice.
More tennis time, pool time, and cool clothing time.
I can't believe he didn't get a rose!! What is she thinking.
Shooting time on the ranch. Don't mess with these guys. Especially the one in green.
Touching the sea animals at the Aquarium.
More shooting on the ranch. Get out of the way cows.
Dinner with Jeff, Charlotte, and the Sellers. Thank you, thank you for the great time. We got pay back when you come to Rexburg.

After the family reunion, we drove to Haley's house in Texas. On Sunday Haley made a nice dinner for us and for our other visiters. It was so fun to see Wayne, Mary, Nathan, and Bekah again.
The two sets of grandparents with Bennett.
More shooting. I used to could hit stuff. Now I could hardly hit dirt. Griff almost looks disgusted.
Grandpa and Bennett, the BBQ masters.
Zumba at the gym. Go girls go!!
Don't we look fit after a day at the gym!
So good to see Nathan and Bekah again.
Zumba wasn't enough for these two. They also had to use their skills to break into the house. Can you guess which is Nancy and which is Haley?
More of the bachelorett. Goo JP.
3:00 ice cream time.
3:00 ice cream time.
Where it all happens. Haley's gym.

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