Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today is Nancy's first day at school with her kindergartners. She looked beautiful, strong, and ready when she left this morning. Her students are lucky to have her. Go get em Nance!! We love you and they will too.


After our completely enjoyable visits in Oklahoma and Texas we continued our "Road Trip" to Weldon California for the extended Hazard Family reunion. Donnie and Leslie organized and carried out a very fun reunion. Thanks to them for everything!! They live in a beautiful area and are fantastic hosts.
Time to get up girls. We're going to the Grand Canyon on our way to California. This was our hotel in Flagstaff Arizona. All of us had thoughts of moving here. It's beautiful.
The South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I remember seeing this lookout from the bottom of the canyon when we ran it several years ago. At that time, we were looking up at the ants at the lookout. Now we are the ants.

The three road trippers. Tripping down the path. It felt good to walk! We spent the rest of the day driving to California and experiencing the beauty of the desert.

The camp at Big Meadows. We spent two days here to begin the reunion. It is the girl's camp location for Donnie and Leslie's ward.
Nancy walking into the meadow from our camp. She's a great camper!
Donnie and Landon listening for signs of "Big Foot".
At the camp fire.

Allison and Sierra on Troy's jeep.
Allison and Sierra again.
The two sisters - Allison and Courtney.
Grandma and Grandpa Hazard with the road trippers. This was on a walk around the campsite.
The "Planner" Leslie, and her friend Nancy. It felt good to be in a place where you could actually wear a sweatshirt.
Nancy and the campers. We spent a lot of time talking around the fire.
Grandpa retrieving his shorts. The boy cousins had hoisted them on the flag pole.
A little more talking.
Grandma, Grandpa, Donnie, and Leslie
Mother, daughters, friends.
This is our team for the road rally. We rocked. Natalie, Courtney, Tyson, Jacobian, Brynne, Tanner, and me. The rally was a lot of fun. We watched all the team's videos at Donnie and Leslie's house.
Let's eat!! Each family had a turn to prepare meals. They were good!
Whiffle ball in the meadow. We had a few minor injuries, but were able to avoid the big ones. It looks like the pitcher (grandpa) is protecting himself. Good idea!
The Hazard Family reunion van.
More talk around the campfire. Grandma and Allison are chatting it up!
We took a very pretty hike through the Redwoods. Here's the girls.
Girl cousins and Landon. Can you find Landon? From left to right - McKall, Allison, Sierra, Courtney, Brynn, and Madison is in the front. That's Landon climbing up in the back.
Good looking foursome.
We also went to some natural water slides. It was a blast.
It took a lot of us to get around this tree, but I think we did it.
Water slide peanut gallery.
Four of the sliders. Madison, McKall, Sierra, and me.
Slider supporters . . Nancy and Jill.
The train!! Parents and siblings.
I had to drag my hand to slow down and steer. Wow, it was scary!
We spent some time at the river park in Kernville. River floats, basketball, talking, picnicking, etc. There was something for everyone.
Good shot Court!! I'm sure this went in. Courtney is a dead eye shot.
The cousins. Courtney and Tanner.
Some of us floated the river. Natalie has a story to tell. It will take her some time before she goes on another one. She says "give me a horse" anytime.
The siblings plus Landon at the water slides.
Napping at the park.
A good tube will work on land or water. Very comfortable.
Nancy and me.
More talking at the park.
The river!
Two on two basketball. Troy and Tanner against Conrad and me. They didn't cut me any slack . . . but I didn't cut them any either.
Practicing for their missions . . . where baptismal fonts are not always available.
Our "parking" spot.
The family dance.
BBQ in the park. It was our day to cook . . . it was good!

Well, I helped Donnie on the river with a couple of commercial trips. While doing so, I got the camera wet (in my pocket), so we have no more pictures. Suffice it to say that we are back in Idaho after a fabulous road trip.

Happy Summer to all!!


Ashley said...

I loved seeing pictures of Big Meadow! Brings back memories of Girls Camp. Looks like you had a fun time!

Matt, Haley, and Bennett Hargrave said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Hopefully we'll be there next year! (P.S- I really hope that is just Grandma's swimsuit coverup in the family dance