Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mom and Allison and I just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. Mom was delivering invitations for a Relief Society Lua they are having this Wednesday. Al and I just talked in the shade of trees along the way. We love Idaho summers. We also talked to friends and neighbors who were out enjoying the evening. Talk about Mayberry.

Mom and Allison working together in the kitchen preparing their part of Sunday dinner. It was smelling really good right about now.
And now, the two of them enjoying the fruits of their labor in the backyard. While they were in the kitchen, I was with the BBQ in the back. We make a good team.

Now, here's the answers to the last blog:

1. Griff and Ash
2. Me
3. Courtney
4. Haley
5. Logan and Rachel
6. Allison
7. Matt
8. Haley, Matt, Mom, and me.

Now on to new pictures.
It was great to have Logan, Rachel, and their family for an extended visit. Everyday was full of fun. Here's a picnic at Porter Park. After the picnic we did the spray park, the swings and slides, and of course the carousel.
Grandma, Evelyn, and Jack on the carousel. Addy must have been busy doing something else. Every morning Evelyn would send me off to work with the instructions to make some money so we could go to the carousel.
A parting shot of our spot in the park.

Then last week we got to go to Post Falls to help Logan, Rachel and the family move into their new home. Nancy went up with them on July 2nd and spent the week helping to get them situated. In between moving business, they did a lot of other fun things to get to know the town.

At the end of that week, Grandma and Grandpa Hazard came to Rexburg and they and I drove to Post Falls to visit for a few days and pick mom up. We had a blast! You can look at Logan's blog for details of what we did.

One, two, three . . . goooo! And Addy goes flying through the air. Then we do it again!
Relaxing in Post Falls in their new home on their new couch.
Logan edging at Quimlan (spelling?) park. Five minutes from their house. I was the belayer.
Belayer (me) and the climber (Rachel)
Logan took this picture of Rachel. They are both great climbers.
Nancy and Addy.

This is a picture of Evelyn on Mudgy Moose in Couer D' Lane. We spent a day in down town Coeur d' Alene following the Mudgy Moose trail.

Grandma and Grandpa stayed in Rexburg for a few days after coming back from Post Falls. It was great fun to have them . . . in fact we were having so much fun that we didn't think to take any pictures.

I'll post this now. Mom might come on later and add things I forgot to put in.