Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just let me say . . . happy mother's day to the best mom ever! She is a shining star in the constellation of my life. She has made all the difference for me. So, thanks mom. I love you.

Last weekend Nancy, Courtney, Sierra, and I loaded up the van and went to Utah. We went to celebrate Nancy's birthday and to visit mom and dad and others. Saturday morning mom and dad made arrangements for us to go to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point. Here is Courtney, Nancy, and my mom at Thanksgiving point . . . but not at the Tulip Festival yet. We couldn't find it so grandpa had gone to ask for directions.

Hurray, we found it!! I would have never guessed there were so many different kinds of tulips.

Here I am with the birthday girl. The flowers are beautiful, but pale in comparison to Nancy.

Many people called all through the day to wish Nancy a happy birthday. Here she is talking to Haley. Thanks to everyone for making her day very nice.

Dad and me taking in the sites of the garden. Nancy, still recovering from surgery, and Mom still recovering from hip replacement, and Courtney just generally very relaxed all had a hard time keeping up with the grueling pace we set.

Nancy and Courtney in the spring time.

Whew Hoo a bench! Time just to take it all in.

The coats give away the fact that even though it is spring, it was still a little brisk. This is near the merry-go-round made of flowers that reminded us of that scary movie "Mary Poppins". Remeber when they almost didn't make it out of the chalk drawing because of the rain. Scary! I still have nightmares about that.

To continue the celebration, we went out to dinner at Nancy's favorite resturant. Then we went to a play at the University of Utah Pioneer Theater. The Play was "Sunset Boulevard". Here we are all sharing a very rich desert that Nancy was kind enough to share with us. My mom made friends with the manager and got the dessert for free. Way to go mom!

We went to Jill and Lee's house for dinner on Sunday after church. My dad was tired after a hard Saturday and a long day at church. While he dozed, grandma put easter eggs on him.

We all have different talents. We just need to recognize them.

Talking and visiting in the kitchen. Good times.

Thanks Jill for the nice dinner. And thanks Lee for the great sausages!! We love coming to visit you guys.

Nancy is a year older and we feel very blessed. Perspectives have changed a bit. It used to be a bummer to be a year older, but now every year is a great blessing. It's great to be another year older and we hope to do this birthday thing many, many, many more times in the future.

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