Sunday, May 29, 2011

LIfe moves on!!
The last three weeks have been very exciting with Logan and Rachel's graduation from Dental school, and move to Idaho. Here they are packed and ready to go. They left the following morning while Nancy, Allison, and I flew home with the kids. What fun, but let's back up a little.

This picture will only mean anything to those who know the saga of our broken shower. The moral of the story is always get a second opinion. Especially when it comes to plumbers. Bottom line is we got a $1,500 job done for $200. It's good news and it's done. AND, it was done in time for us to babysit Evelyn, Jackson, and Adalie.On May 13, Nancy, Allsion, and I went to Draper and spent the night visiting with my mom and dad. Then, Dad took us to the airport in the morning and we flew to Cleveland for Logan's graduation.
We had a great time in Cleveland. We walked to the school park several times, and had a fun every time. Nancy, Evelyn, Rachel, Logan, Jack, and Allison are taking a rest from all the fun. Adalie and I were still going strong.
We also had fun sprucing up Logan and Rachel's apartment before leaving. It's been a great place for them these past four years and they wanted to leave it better than they found it.
I was trusted enough to be the wall cleaner and floor washer. Two things the powers figured I could not mess up.
This picture is out of order, but we celebrated Allison's birthday at home before we left for Cleveland. She is still able to blow out all the candles with one breath, but it's getting close.
Rachel and Allison in Cleveland. Rachel is a great hostess, and Allison is a great baby sitter. They both are very talented "visitors". I like listening to them talk.
The graduate and his mom. She brought him into the world to begin his earthly journey, and he has journeyed well, and she is very proud of him.
The piece of paper that makes a difference.
Logan worked very hard for his degree, and so did Rachel. Congratulations to both of them.
Nancy could not get enough cleaning in. She is a cleaning machine. We all cleaned, but in kind of a twisted way she enjoyed it . . . the rest of us just did it.
The church on campus where Logan graduated. Very pretty. Very stately. Very nice.
Allison at Logan's celebration dinner at the Cheesecake factory.
Logan and Rachel enjoying their celebration dinner at the cheesecake factory.
Along with the cleaning and the graduating came the packing. Logan and Rachel were very organized. A crew of about six guys from Logan's Elder's quorum helped him load. It only took about 30 minutes. Then, he and I finished the details.
We are so proud of Logan and Rachel!
Unloading at the Cleveland airport. We got to bring Evelyn, Jack , and Addy home with us while Logan and Rachel drove their U-haul to their new home in Idaho.
Allison was certainly in charge. I think Addy was supposed to sleep. Allison was shower her how.
A McDonald's breakfast in the airport. Bring on the airplanes!!
Grandma and Grandpa met us at the Salt Lake airport with our car. We drove directly from Salt Lake to Rexburg. Grandma and Grandpa went to Twin Falls for a couple of days, and then came over to Rexburg for a weekend.

Washing Courtney's car in the driveway. She had lots of help!

Guess which one of us picked our own clothes and got ourselves dressed. Well, guess that could be more than one of us.

Grandma Great Hazard with Jack and Addy on the miniature trampoline.

We went to the wild life museum where Jack met his first grizzly bear.

Then we went to the Jungle Room where Addy fond some fish in a pond. Allison and I also had a good time waling around.

Jack's haircut!!

Evelyn in her new clothes that grandma got for her.

This feels good!!

Courtney and Addy.

We put Jack's chair on the table so he could look out the window and watch the neighbor's dogs.

These are just some snap shots of the last three weeks. They have been fun, full of activity, and a great time to spend with family. We are looking forward to the next couple of months.


Matt, Haley, and Bennett Hargrave said...

Wow, what an update! It all looks very fun! you guys are the babysitters of the century, I am duly impressed.

Matthew Hargrave said...

Congratulations to Logan on a great accomplishment and congratulations to Nancy for raising him...(I know Greg helped but hey us Dads are kinda back ground noise we know who the real bosses are!)