Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter. This is a wonderful time of year and we are enjoing it very much. We feel a bit as if Nancy has had a preview of the ressurection. Friday was six weeks from her surgery. To celebrate, we walked three miles . . . and I could hardly keep up with her. After walking, we went out for hot fudge sundays to complete the celebration.

Easter takes on a bit of a different face when there are no little kids around. The Easter Bunny did hide some chocolate under my pillow (kind of freaky) and Allison and Courtney got baskets. I gave my chocolate to Nancy because it appears the Easter Bunny left her out.

Courtney and Sierra died eggs yesterday. It doesn't matter how old you get, dying Easter Eggs is always fun.

Okay, while the girls were in the house dying Easter Eggs, I'll admit that Jaren and I possibly got carried away with our spring pruning. I think it'll come back. (Notice the cut wire, also!)

Donnie, Leslie, and there family came to visit and get their kids situated at BYU-Idaho last week. A bon fire at Beaver Dick Part was one of the things on the agenda. Nancy and I stayed home . . . and glad we did. Apparently, the wind was blowing and so were the sparks.

Colby and Mykel (out of picture on the left) opened their wedding presents from us. It is always fun to have Donnie and Leslie and their family. Congratulations to Colby and Mykel on the dice and slicer, the awsome cheese slicer, and of course, the wedding in the Denver Temple.

A group of mountain goats welcomed us home to Idaho after being in Colorado for Colby's wedding. It was a beautiful drive.

Busting a move at the wedding. My partner, Nancy, pulled the cancer card and sat this one out.

Bennett and Haley in Colorado. We loved the time they spent with us in Idaho. From Colorado, they went back to Texas and we came home to Idaho. Breaking up is hard to do, and that's why Bennett looks a little sad.

The mother/daughter twins at the Colorado reception. One Sunday Nancy stayed at home to rest and Haley went to church with me. People were telling Haley how good she looked for just having had surgery. This is a great compliment to Nancy and Haley.

What a grip! I lost a bit of hair everytime I put Bennett on my shoulders.

Griffin, Ashland, and Zoey make a cute family. We're so glad they were able to make the trip to Colorado. Griffin got a ticket on the way home for speeding ($96). I felt bad for him so proceeded to get my own ticket ($100). Through all the teasing and pain, however, the bottom line remains that Ashland and Zoey are the cutest ever!!

Proud mothers (Ashland and Haley) and cute grandkids (Zoey and Bennett) at the Denver Temple. With all the help they were getting from grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, and others .
.. there was a need to reconnect every once in a while.

Grandma Hazard and some of the cousins at the wedding. Others who are not in the picture were probably chasing small children around the temple grounds.

So, I go all day and nobody tells me to fix my hair . . . instead they all laugh behind my back and get some kind of twisted fun out of it. Lucky for me, Nancy is always there to counterbalance things with her good looks and personality.

The girl cousins - Haley is on the far left, Allison is on the far right, and Courtney is two in from Allison. What a fun bunch!!

Allison and Courtney helping with Bennett and Zoey. Landon was also a big help.

Courtney and Allison outside the Denver Temple. It was a really pretty day.

This is at the hotel in Denver where we all stayed and had a great time. Notice the halo affect over Colby's head as he heads off to the temple.

We're glad he married Mykel because we love her, and also because we all got to have such a fun time in Colorado for a couple of days. We missed Logan, Rachel, and the kids, and are looking forward to seeing them in May, and then having them move back to Idaho . . . even if it is still 8 hours away.

Happy Easter everybody!


Brittany said...

Either I'm tired or your really funny! This post was really entertaining! And it's so great to see Nancy looking so happy and healthy!

Matt, Haley, and Bennett Hargrave said...

I loved this! Thanks for posting all those A-mazing pictures of me on there. And give the tree my condolences. One more down...

Love you all!