Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nancy was all about showing Allison how to feed the deer.

We love the frost on the inside of the window. It only happens when it is really cold outside and really cozy inside.

Nancy is a good teacher . . . now Allison can do it all by herself! Hooray!

It's warming up in Rexburg, and the days are getting longer. We ended this week by spending a night in Star Valley. Allison, Nancy, and I went to check on Brad and Marie's cabin. It is doing great. Courtney had something going Friday night so she couldn't come with us. We just bummed around and relaxed. Nancy worked on a relief society lesson, Allison worked on editing pictures, and I read Bernstein's book on Thomas Jefferson. It was very cozy by the fire, and the company was great. After a little bit of a hunt, we went to "Tootsies" for dinner. We bought a couple of their day old home made bread loaves and used them to make french toast in the morning.

One day last week Courtney got a flat tire on the jeep. She and I had fun changing the tire. She got a ticket for parking on the side of the road, but she called the police department and got the ticket canceled . . . she is a good saleswoman!! She now knows what to do if she ever gets a flat tire again.

I'm not sure where the rest of the week went, but it did. I think the old saying is true that "time flies when you're having fun". And, it seems like the time has been flying lately.

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