Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nancy took this picture to give everyone an idea of the snow here. There's been a lot this year which means shoveling the driveway several times. It's a great way to exercise and wake up at the same time.

Courtney and Becca enjoy practicing the piano together. They are living in the same apartment this semester and are also enjoying that. They are fun to listen to on the piano. Nancy is in the background working on her computer. She loves her computer and spends a lot of time on it doing many good things (emails to family, looking up recipes, reading blogs, and skyping just to name a few).

Colby and Jaren helped to put up a new chandelier over the stairs. Here's Jaren with the old, and Colby with the new. I was helping Cobly hold up the new one. It looks good.

Another picture Nancy took to show the snow. Our new roof seems to be holding up pretty well.

These icicles are beautiful at night when the moonlight shows through them. The other day, Nancy and I turned the chairs to face outside and read from our warm home while looking out at the white snow. It was nice. We like to read.

It's been another good week in Rexburg. This weekend, Allison went ice fishing and kept stats for a basketball game. Two things I never thought she would do. Courtney went to Provo with Sarah and Becca Noak to visit friends. Nancy got things done in her classroom and at home. Colby and Jaren went skiing at Sun Valley. I went winter camping at Twin Bridges and cross country skiing above Kelly Canyon with my scouts. It was a beautiful day and we will all have sunburns in church today.

Last night, Nancy and I went to a concert at BYU-Idaho. It was a group from BYU called Vocal Point. They were good. This morning, I baked a cake while Nancy made dinner. It's fun to be in the kitchen together.

We hope you all have a good week. Be sure to read all the blogs so you know what's going on with everyone.

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Nathan and Rebekah Mains said...

Greg & Nancy,

I got your sweet letter. It was great to hear from you! I had to tell you that I absolutely love your new chandelier! It is beautiful, I cannot wait to come back and visit and see it in person.

We love you both, very much and miss you terribly... especially on Sunday's. We hope that you have a wonderful week!

Love, Nathan & Bekah