Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here are some random pictures from the past. Can you remember when and where they were taken?

It's been another great week in Rexburg. One day was 29 below zero with the wind chill, which was funny because there wasn't any wind. And, they didn't cancel school. We grow em tough in Eastern Idaho (or stupid . . . your choice). Anybody who knows me, knows I don't put up or take down Christmas lights in the cold. Well, I took the garland and lights off the front porch yesterday . . . so that's saying something. I did NOT take down the lights on the house. That might have to wait until spring in June or July. However, for the last couple of days I've been woken up by chirping birds in the mornings!
Nancy attended the world wide training meeting yesterday while I went to the gym and worked out. Then she, Courtney, and I went to Idaho Falls for a day of shopping. It's Court's birthday on Wednesday so we got her some shoes and stuff. We also went to Sam's to do some grocery shopping and check out the samples. Popcorn chicken was the best with salmon and pizza coming in as close runner-ups. We will have Chicken Pillows for Courtney's birthday dinner tonight. She will be "20". Happy birthday to her!

Evelyn's birthday is next Saturday. She will be a big "3". Happy birthday to her too!

I hope you had fun remeberering where the pictures were taken. They are all from 2008 and 2009. Be sure to read each other's blogs . . . they are all great.

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