Sunday, February 20, 2011

For valentine’s day Nancy and I decided not to buy anything for each other, but to have a nice dinner at home together. I helped make the salad, then she said I had to go read my book while she finished up. So, I did. A few minutes later she told me it was ready.

She had the card table set-up down stairs in front of the fire. The table was spread with a valentine’s table cloth, candles, and beautiful plates full of food. It was much better than any restaurant could have been. The food was fabulous, the ambiance was romantic, and the company was the best in the world.

After dinner, we made treats and took them to a few friends. Then we delivered plates of cookies and treats to Allison and Courtney at their apartments. After making the deliveries we went home and watch “Casa Blanca” by the fireplace.

Netflix has become a part of our lives lately. They show up in the mail like magic. There's nothing like curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and movie . . . and ink. We watched Casa Blanca after our valentine's dinner.
Here's what I saw when I walked down the stairs on Valentine's day. Nancy surprised me with a nice romantic dinner for two.
Cordon Bleu on rice, asperagus wrapped in bacon, and oranges for color topped off the meal. The food was great . . .
The company was better!

Wednesday was Courtney's 20th birthday. Happy Birthday! She came to the house around lunch and opened her birthday gifts. She went shopping with us to Idaho Falls last Saturday where she picked out all her gifts, but we wouldn’t let her open them until today. We also had her birthday dinner last Sunday (Chicken Pillows). She went to dinner with her roommates the night of her birthday to celebrate. College life is grand!

For the three day weekend, Allison went to Salt Lake to spend time with her friends there. Courtney went to the Mill’s cabin with Becca and some other friends from Provo. So, Mom and I decided we were going to get out of town too. We got up Saturday morning and went to Smitty’s in Idaho Falls for breakfast. Then we went to Lava Hot Springs for the day. We had a relaxing time sitting in the hot pools surrounded by snow on the mountains. We got home in time to Skype Evelyn for her birthday and watch her open her presents. Wow, she is a big three.

Happy and relaxed at the end of a day in Lava Hot Springs.
New arrivals to the Hot Springs just getting ready to take the plunge.
Greg at the Hot Springs. Notice the snow on the mountains in the background.
After a long time in the hot water, it felt good to sit on the steps and cool off in the brisk air.

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