Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy birthday!

We love the snow from a warm kitchen. Hot chocolate and toast make a cozy atmoshphere

Nancy took me out to lunch for my birthday. It was the Blue Hashi . . . a Japanese restaurant.

Fifty-three years old. Hooray!! I've always thought every year over twenty was a bonus for me. My life has been richly blesssed, and I am deeply grateful.

We dropped our "adopted daughter", Savanah, off at the airport. She's in warm Oklahoma with her family for Thanksgiving.

Scout campout at Beaver Dick Park. No snow when we went to bed. Plenty of snow when we woke up. It looks cold, but it's not.

This was a week full of meetings for Nancy. As you know, she was sustained as a counselor in the ward relief society last Sunday. She had meetings Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings to get organized. Then on Thursday, they had a dinner for all the single sisters in the ward. It's been a busy week for her, but she and the others are off and running!! They are a great presidency and will bless the lives of many, and I think they'll have a lot of fun along the way.

Thanks to everyone who called for my birthday yesterday. I apologize for being so hard to reach. I took the scouts camping Friday night and didn't get back to the house until about 10:30 Saturday morning. Many of you had already called. Thanks again. I had a very nice birthday. We took Savanah to the airport and then Nancy took me out for lunch. We went to the Blue Hashi in Idaho Falls. It's a Japanes restaurant (really an Asian Fusion restaurant), and was a lot of fun. We'll go back again. After lunch, we did some Christmas shopping in town.

Friday night while I was camping, Nancy took the four neighbor girls and had a girl's night out. Their mom had just had her tonsils out. Nancy and the girls ate dinner and made brownies. They played with Barbies and jumped on the furniture. All reports tell me they had a fantastic time.

It's Thanksgiving break, so Allie and Court are moving in with us for the week. We are excited to have them and are looking forward to a good time. It's snowing outside so we will spend a lot of time in the coziness of our home drinking hot chocolate, eating toast, and just visiting. We like to do that. It's nice when the snow comes, because we seem to slow down a little.


Matthew said...

Happy birthday Greg. Look at it as getting wiser not older. Love ya


Logan and Rachel said...

I like the coat you are wearing- no wonder you weren't cold!

Greene said...

I must know.... what was in the box in the first picture? Happy birthday!