Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hooray for Bennett. He and Haley have been with us for about a week, and it has been very fun. This blog has a lot of pictures covering the "Iron Chef" pie bake off for Thanksgiving, Haley and Bennett's arrival to Rexburg, Christmas tree hunting, and other random stuff.
Sunday night after we decorated the tree, we had a nice conversation with Griff and Ash on Skype. Griff is on the computer entertaining us with his stories. We love Skyping and seeing the grandkids (and kids).
We had a lot of help decorating the tree this year. We did it after our Sunday dinner and it was a lot of fun. Not everyone is in the picture, but you get the idea. After, we had hot chocolate and cider. We also watched the Christmas devotional on TV together.
Allison and Courtney at the Christmas tree hunt.
Haley and Bennett at the Christmas tree hunt.

Grandpa and Bennett (best buds) at the Christmas tree hunt.

Grandma and Bennett at the Christmas tree hunt.
Allison teaching Bennett to throw rocks in the water at the Christmas tree hunt. He got pretty good at it.

Four beautiful girls (Haley, Courtney, Nancy, and Allison) and one little man (Bennett) at the Christmas tree hunt.
Bennett helping Grandpa drive home from the airport.
At first, he wanted to drive home by himself.
Just off the airplane. Welcome to Salt Lake City!
Everyone looking at the results of the "photo shoot" at Beaver Dick park. From left clockwise is Nancy, Will, Courtney, Madison, and Allison.
Madison paid us a surprise visit over Thanksgiving. It was great to have her. Congratulations on finishing school. Good job!
Courtney the tree hugger.
Allison the snow bunny.
Nancy the bundled beauty.
Let's get a jumping picture cause it looks so natural! Allison, Will, Courtney, Madison, and Nancy.
Iron Chef pie bake off for Thanksgiving. For better coverage of this event go to Allison's face book page. We had a blast!
Three of the four chefs at work. Nancy made a chocolate pie, Allison made an apple pie, Courtney made a pumkin cheescake pie, and I made a frozen rasberry sorbet pie.
Chef Allison.
Chefs Nancy and Allison.
Obviously, Chefs Courtney and Greg were busy working in their pies and not available for photos.

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