Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Real Snow

Monday, for family night, we went to Nancy's kindergarten room and Allison took pictures for one of her photography classes. I was the guy who arranged the extension cords, moved lights around, and stayed out of the way. Nancy was the model. Allison was the photographer. It was a lot of fun to get a glimpse of what she does. She is very good.

We woke up Monday morning to this beautiful scene in the back yard. Interesting that last week was so pretty with full leafed trees, and this week . . . this. The seasons are changing and we love the transition periods.

For part of our department meeting last week, we did some skeet shooting. This is my new Remington 287 20 guage shotgun. I've always liked 20 guages. If not for our first date, one of Nancy and my first dates was shooting. At that time I had a bolt action single shot 20 guage. I think it was the first time Nancy had ever gone shooting, and we had a lot of fun. Of course, the company was much better than the shooting. For me, that's usually the case.
I should let the grandkids know that they all own a piece of this gun. I will take them all shooting and they can use it to show me how it's done. I think we need to name it. Any ideas?

Remember how pretty the tree was last week with all the golden and yellow leaves. Well, the leaves have fallen and this is what they looked like yesterday. They covered the ground from the street to the front porch.

Nancy, Courtney, some neighbor kids and I raked and bagged a lot of the leaves yesterday. We bagged 23 bags, then had to quit becasue we ran out of bags.

Today, Nancy was sustained and set apart as second counselor in the Relief Society. She is super excited to be back in Relief Society, and is looking forward to the sisterhood that exists there.
Life in Rexburg moves along at the rhythm we've come to love. We hope you all have a great week wherever you are.

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Matt, Haley, and Bennett Hargrave said...

Oh I am so excited to come up there and play in the snow! And, of course, with you! Bennett says we need to name Grandpa's gun "Da-bally-bully-buddon" (the bellybutton) I think this is just one of the only words he knows though, so you can take it or leave it. :)