Sunday, November 7, 2010

The tree.

Ahhh, Halloween and the traditional "pumpkin stew". Once again it was a big hit. It doubled this year as Halloween night and Sunday dinner all in one. This was taken after dinner in the middle of "clean up." It was a fun dinner with lots of people.

Gavin got baptized yesterday, November 6th. Many of you have asked about Garth, so I'm including this picture of Garth and Gavin. He looks 1,000 times better than he did a while ago. We keep praying for him. Gavin was very excited. Mom led the singing, Courtney played the piano, and Allison and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. The primary room was full of family and friends.

After Gavin's baptism. Courtney, Allie, Gavin, Greg, and Nancy.

The bishop just happen to pull Nancy aside at the baptism to give her a new calling. As you can see, she was thrilled! I think most of the thrill was the need to release her from cub scouts in order to serve in the new calling. She's only been in cub scouts for about three weeks, but they have been very long weeks. She will always serve anywhere she is asked to sereve, but Hooray for the new calling . . . if you know what I mean!! Any guesses about what her new calling is?

The tree in the front yard is soooo pretty! We love turning onto the street and seeing it as we drive up or down to the house.

We had lots of nice days during the week, but I'll just write about Friday. Friday was a nice day. Nancy and I went to the temple in the afternoon. Then we drove home, changed our clothes, and walked downtown to Broulim's (the grocery store). We bought an avocado and a little "low fat desert." Then we walked home and made french dip sandwiches, with avacado. After cleaning up, we went downstairs and had our "low fat desert" and watched the "karate kid." Even the low fat stuff was okay.