Sunday, October 31, 2010

This has been a fun Halloween week for us. Listening to all the college kids stories about the Haunted Mills and mazes has been very entertaining. I've decided that you can make anything scary if you involve a chain saw somehow.

I've been reading "John Adams." It's a good read and in the early years reminds me of some of the things Griff and Ash are going through.

We were happily surprised by a visit from Linda Newsome. She was Nancy's room mate in college and married Mike who was one of my room mates in college. Catching up was fun to do. We went to Frontier Pies for dinner, then came home and talked for a couple of hours.

Nancy went through three or four costumes before she settled on being a witch for her Halloween day at kindergarten. Here she is getting ready. I don't have a picture of her in full costume, but it was great. She will build on it every year now. She was obviously a "good witch."

Our pumpkins this year were small, but we're very proud of them because they came from our own garden for the first time ever. Here is mine.

Here is mom with hers. Notice the coco motion machine in the background. We had hot cider and donuts with our pumpkin carving.

Courtney's was the most scary. The "eyes" have it. They were expecially spooky when lit.

We didn't go all out on decorations this year, but here is the little decorated porch. The kids seemed to like it.

Here it is at night. It was a really nice, warm night. We celebrated Halloween in Rexburg on Saturday night. Tonight, the real Halloween, it is windy, rainy, and cold.

Along with Halloween, we did some other things this week. Nancy and I went to the Temple on Wednesday to help with sealings. I had a department retreat on Friday that took us to a cabin in Island Park for a meeting, a restaurant in Island Park for lunch, Big Springs where we saw a couple of moose and some really big fish, and finally skeet shooting to finish off the day.

Nancy took a lot of long walks this week. She especially liked yesterday where she and I were able to spend a lot of time together just "being together." No matter how old we get, that seems to be both of our favorite thing.

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