Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wednesday night, Allison and five of her friends played in a band at "Guitars Unplugged" on campus. This was something that a lot of people tried out for. Then, the best got selected to play. Allie played the tambourine and Jaren (Olsen) played the synthesizer. Then they also had a drummer (Matt), acoustic guitar and lead singer (Will), base guitar (Carlos), and piano player and singer (Kaitlin). It was really good. I've tried to put a video of them at the bottom of this entry, but I can't get it to work. Anyway, this is a picture from that night of me and "tambourine Allie".
Nancy is the model journal writer of the world. Here she is diligently writing. I'm so glad that our family will be so well documented. This is just one of the many things she does so well that will bless so many.
The garden has been pulled out in preparation for winter. The flowers in the front yard have also been pulled out. If you could see just a little to the left, you would see Ink sitting in the shed guarding the backyard.
Another sign of fall is the changing of the colors. I love the changing seasons. Friday and Saturday I took the scouts camping at Wright Creek. I slept under the stars and in the morning was covered in a layer of fallen aspen leaves. I wish I had a picture.

This is the video of Allison's group playing at "Guitars Unplugged". I can't get it to work . . . can you? If not, Allison might have it on her "face book" page. Check it out.

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