Sunday, October 17, 2010

At 4:45 in the morning on Saturday, Nancy, Courtney, and I boarded a bus at BYU-Idaho which was bound for Salt Lake City, Utah. Courtney boarded as a student, and Nancy and I boarded as chaperones. We were going to meet with a modern day Apostle, Elder Bednar, for a question/answer session. Four buses made the trip. Can you find Courtney in this busload of students?

Becca Mills came up from Provo to meet us. The meeting with Elder Bednar was in the chapel of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building across from the Salt Lake Temple. After the meeting, the four of us went to the Garden Room Restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for lunch. Here we are waiting to be seated.
The setting, company, conversation, and food was very good. You should've seen these three elegant girls attack the "starter plate". I was lucky to get a bite.
Here they are, full and happy. Hooray!

Court and Becca hiding their zits. Way to bring it to our attention guys. We would've never noticed if it weren't for the all the drama!
I love my "thinker" wife. She never ceases to amaze me.
Here we are . . . spiritually fed, temporally fed, and ready to take on the rest of the day. Becca drove us down to Gateway for some shopping. She went back to Provo, and we shopped until it was time to walk back to the buses at the Temple.
While we were waiting to be seated for lunch, Courtney said "there's our cousins!" And sure enough, there was David Erickson with his four daughters. Wow, what a nice surprise. It was good to see and talk to them for a little while.
Here are some more cousins relaxing after our traditional Sunday dinner. Courtney, Krystalee, Allie, Colby, and Sierra. What a crew they make! Is that a hole in Colby's sock?

Here's Allie telling us about her exciting weekend. Jaren and Krystalee listen in the background. It's not a great picture of Allie, but can you feel the energy. After dinner, Krystalee went back to Provo. Allie and Jaren will play in the same band together this week on Wednesday and Friday for "guitars unplugged" on campus. It will be fun.

It was a great weekend. We are very blessed. And now . . . the journey continues.

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