Thursday, October 14, 2010

A blast from the past. Nancy is beautiful.

Our apples are on.

Sunset at Lavell Edwards Stadium

Donnie and me at the game. Thanks for driving all the way from California!

BYU wins!! Hooray!! Can you find us?
Mom and Dad at the BYU game. Looking good!!

Courtney at the game.

Tailgating. Nancy's not going to like this picture.

Family football at the tailgate party

Here's the narration for the week:

Nancy spent the week before last in Provo with her mom. It was potato harvest so she had the week off. She drove down to Utah on Monday with me and another guy from BYU-Idaho. We were doing a presentation at BYU in Provo. So, it was a free ride down for Nancy. I came home that night after the presentation, but left Nancy there for the week. She had a fabulous time with her mom and other family members.

Friday afternoon, Courtney, Colby, Sierra, Chelsea (a room mate of Court and Sierra), and I drove down to Provo to spend the weekend. It was great to see Nancy. I always miss her when we are apart.

Besides picking up Nancy, the two main reasons we went were to go to a play on Friday night with Grandma and Grandpa Hazard, and to go to the BYU vs. San Diego State football game on Saturday. Both were great.

The play was in the Hales Theater in the Round in Salt Lake. It was called "The Drowsy Chaperone" and was really fun. We all laughed out loud a few times, and to ourselves several times. There were also some thoughtful moments that made us curiously sad. Anyway, it was great to be with Nancy and my mom and dad for the night. Three of my favorite people in the world.

The football game was also great. BYU won!! Hooray!! Connected to the football game was a fabulous tailgate party hosted by Jill and Lee. Donnie and Troy had driven all night from California so they were there as well. The party was rounded out by lots of family from Idaho and Utah. Lots of fun. Thanks Jill and Lee!!

Of course we did lots of other fun things while we were there. We watched Caleb's football game on Saturday morning, visited with family, went to Kaitlin and Hayden's house, and had a great Sunday meal at Jill's. Of course, the best thing was just seeing and visiting with everyone.

We got home Sunday night at about 6:30. A nice weekend.

The rest of this week has been good. Nancy and I stay busy with work and church stuff. We see Allison and Court at various times during the week which is always fun. Alli is trying out for Guitars unplugged on campus. She is playing the tambourine in a band. Court is going to Salt Lake this weekend for a question/answer session with Elder Bednar.

For my Wednesday lunch date with Alli and Court we walked to Fong's. The walk was the best. I love walking and talking with those guys. I also played my first game of racquetball since my shoulder surgery. Colby was kind enough to play with me. It was fun. Sierra is using me as a client for a class project. Her group is creating a fitness/nutrition plan for me. I say "go for it".

Everybody have a great week.

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