Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conferenc Week

Last Sunday after dinner, these guys had a rousing game of Sorry (Allison, Colby, Jaron, and Hannah). Notice the house of cards. It was really impressive.
On Wednesdays, we meet and go to lunch together. This is Allison and Courtney outside of "Jimmy Johns." Porter Park is in the background. It was a nice day. We walked from my office and had a nice time.

Nancy and I love going to the temple together. We go every Thursday. I love to see the temple, and I love to see Nancy. Isn't she beautiful!!

Courtney and I played tennis with Brad and Marie Parkinson Thursday night. Court took this picture after the match. It felt great to take our shoes off and go bare foot.

Saturday between conference sessions, we washed the jeep. It had gone on a scout outing and was pretty dusty. We were going to wash Allison's too, but she had to take Kaitlin (her room mate home).

Sunday morning brunch and conference. This is Kaitlin, Allison, Savanah, and Courtney . . . Colby, Jaron, Hannah, Michael, and Nancy and I were also enjoying the talks and food.

This is our traditional "in between sessions" walk at Cress Creek. The leaves are beginning to change and fall is in the air.

Nancy and me at Cress Creek. We love Idaho.

Allison and Courtney at Cress Creek. They are fun to spend time with.

The whole group . . . From bottom left . . . me, Nancy, Michael (Colby and Jaron's room mate), then in the back is Hannah, Colby, Courtney, Allison, and Jaron.

We've had fun looking at all of your blogs and talking to a lot of you on the phone. It's been a good week for us.

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