Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break has a whole different meaning here than what most people think of it as. When the term "Spring Break" is mentioned, images of family outings, trips, and even week long vacations are usually conjured up in one's mind. Not so for us! Ever since we have lived in Rexburg we have always had different spring breaks than the college, meaning that the kids and I could do something, but Greg couldn't. I know people who whine and complain about this, and I could easily jump on their bandwagon, but as a public school teacher I know how hard the district tries to get the vacations to match in both the public schools and the college, but the fact is that it is impossible. BYU-Idaho doesn't even have spring break anymore because they will be done in a week anyway! And now that everyone is in college except me, I am the one having the spring break by myself.

It doesn't really matter, because time off is time off, no matter who else does it with you. I counted down the three school days of last week right along with the kids, every bit as excited as they were for a break. I have had from Thurs. to Tues. to do as I please and it has been so nice. I can't say that I've really done anything particularly fun or exciting, but I have gone to the temple, done a lot of shopping, and Greg, Courtney, and I spent a lovely afternoon in Idaho Falls together Friday. I don't have any plans for tomorrow, but I have discovered on this break that I stay pretty busy even when I don't have to go to work. Greg tells me that I don't know how to relax and I'm beginning to think he's right. The characteristic of being "fun" has never been one of my talents. I do, however, know how to get things done, which I know, is no fun at all!

Thursday night Greg and I went to a play on campus called, "Children of Eden". Courtney had seen it at BYU and highly recommended it. It wasn't until after we had bought the tickets that I found out that one of the little boys in my class, Jared, was in it. His mom teaches dance on campus and did the choreography for the play. She is an amazing singer as well and was in a performing group at BYU that traveled all over the world. I know how good she is because we've had several of her kids in our kindergarten class over the years and she is always our "music mom". Anyway, her kids are all natural performers also, so it was no surprise to find out that 4 of them were in the play. Jared did such a great job, but by the end of the long play he was looking sleepy as they came right down in front to sing their closing number. We were only about 6 rows back and he ended up stopping right in front of me. As he was singing the finale he caught my eye and suddenly his whole face lit up. He instinctively lifted his hand to wave at me, but then caught himself and stayed in character. When we were all standing up and applauding though, he was smiling at me the whole time. I went and found him and his sisters in the foyer after words and they were all so excited that I had come. What cute kids!

I love spring, but one of the definitions of the season is the unpredictable weather. That's the part I'm not so fond of. It is especially noticeable here in Rexburg. The sun teases us by coming out and staying for days, even weeks at a time. Then suddenly, BAM!, the snow is back! This is what happened this weekend. Yes, Easter weekend, no less! When I got up yesterday and went in the kitchen to let Ink out, I thought I was still asleep and having a nightmare. First I just noticed that it was white. In my still half-asleep state I thought it was foggy outside, but then I did a double take. Yeah, it was foggy, but there was also snow blowing sideways...quickly! AND, there was about 6 inches of snow covering everything! Like Greg commented later, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Just when we were finally seeing grass and it was even turning green, we got hit again. The only consolation is that it is spring snow and will melt soon, but it's been cold all weekend, and doesn't feel like Easter at all.

Today we had our semi-annual conference brunch. I made 2 different kinds of quiches this time, and had a basket of breads (muffins, bagals, and rolls), lots of different fruit with dip, yogurt w/granola (if desired), and of course, lots of bacon and 3 different juices. We had 11 people come, including Sarah, Bekah's sister who is visiting from Texas. We also had our regulars, Bekah and Nathan (who came with their wonderful french puffs!), Savannah, and Colby. Colby also brought his friend, Kate, and her friend, Gabby. Also, Becca Noack (Courtney's friend) came, who is moving in with us for the summer this Friday. So, it was a good group. Most everyone stayed with us for the whole day and had dinner with us after a rousing game of Mexican Train. It has been a fun day. Wasn't conference so good?! I love, love, love general conference!

Ok, now Greg will post the pictures and write the commentary. This is always such a tag-team effort!

Allison was Erin Ligget's maid of honor. This is her at the wedding reception on Thursday night. She is beautiful.

This is Nancy with her friends that were in the play on campus. They are all very cute, but Nancy remains the cutest!

What a spread!! Conference brunch! As always, Nancy planned and carried out a fabulous brunch. That's because she is fabulous!

More brunch stuff. Notice the multi colored napkins which added a little "Easter Color" to the day.

Our conference friends.

Spring snow at Easter! Hooray!!

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Madison said...

I missed conference brunch! I was so sad, today I finished watching conference from Jerusalem and between sessions I thought that this is the first time in four years that I haven't had the annual Hazard Hike between sessions. I was sad! I'm excited to come back to Rexburg this summer though!