Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Week

Last week, or a couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed all of your "spring is here" posts. We continue to enjoy the signs of spring here too. It seems like every day there are drastic changes. It has been in the high 40's and low 50's this week. One day I was walking to work and looked across the valley at all the white snow. The next day, I looked across and the snow was all gone! Wow, I love the transitions between seasons, and I love living where we have seasons.

We went to the "Best of Show" at BYU-Idaho last night. This is where the very best of all entertainment at the college for the semester is presented. The movie Allison and her friends made was shown. There were also a lot of music and dance numbers. I was very impressed with all the talent at this little school.

Speaking of talent, we've been watching some March madness and tennis on TV. There is plenty of talent to go around!

Courtney, Nancy and I went to dinner at Bajio's before the "Best of Show". Then Court went off to work. She is having a great time at school. We think her decision to come home and go to school was inspired!

Life is good here. I have to pinch myself everyday to make sure it is real, and it is. I don't wear my sling anymore unless I'm going to a Mormon function where everybody wants to shake your hand. The other day, mom and I went to the temple and a former member from my student ward was there. He hugged me hard and lightning shot through my shoulder and entire body. That's when I decided it was too early to stop wearing the sling to church things.

Now, I'll let the writer of the family (mom) finish off the blog. You are all blessings I am grateful for. Hang in there and enjoy every moment.

Well, I'm not sure about being the "writer" of the family. There isn't much to report for this week. Greg told about The Best of Show, which really was incredibly good. We also went to Upper Valley Idol one night (Rexburg's own version of American Idol). They have been doing it for a couple of years now, but we have never gone before. This year, however, my friend Sharee's 16 year old daughter, Bailee, was in the jr. division. She made it through all the preliminary nights and was one of the 6 finalists. We decided we would go and support her on the final night. I have to say that there were a few pretty good singers in the group, but Bailee really did stand out. It was no surprise that she ended up winning the $300 prize! I was glad we had gone to see her.

One of our problems with blogging is just not remembering to take our camera with us and take pictures of everything we do. Several times during the week I have thought, "Oh, I should've brought my camera and taken a picture for the blog!" I think when you have little kids there is always something funny or interesting to write about, but those days are gone for us and this blogging thing has become a little stressful. It's like having a paper about your life due every Sunday, complete with pictures. There just isn't that much to say!

There was one nice highlight of the week, though. Both Allison and Courtney were sick last weekend, and the other day I woke up feeling like I was getting it too. Greg told me I should stay home from work, but that is more trouble than it's worth when you have to find a sub and write lesson plans. It takes less time to just go to work and do it! So, I drug myself to work and actually started feeling better once we got going. I had forgotten all about being sick and was in the middle of reading groups, when the secretary walked in holding a beautiful pot of daisies. She placed them in front of me and said that she had been asked to deliver them right to me. Inside the daisies was my favorite candy bar (Almond Joy) and a sweet note from Greg wishing me good health and a happy day. It was so thoughtful and unexpected, and it completely made my day! What a good guy he is!

It's Bennet-Boy's birthday this Wednesday! Can you believe he is a year old already? This is me getting his present ready to send. Haley, don't let him peek!

These are the beautiful daisies Greg sent me. It's so fun to have a little bit of spring inside the house!
This may not be impressive to anyone but us, but if you had seen the "before" picture of this bathroom (the one Allison and Courtney use) you would understand why I took a picture of the "after". Courtney worked on it all afternoon and it literally sparkles now!

And Greg took these pictures right off the tv to represent what he has been doing a lot of this month.

The nets are up on the courts at the college. It really is tennis season...finally!


Matt, Haley, and Bennett Hargrave said...

Oooooo, I am excited for Bennett's present, it looks cute already! And don't stress about the blog, you do a fantastic job every time. I just like knowing what you are all up to!

Alyssa said...

I love your posts. Donny was doing a lot of what Greg was doing this month. Good game wasn't that one? We watched it with Jill and Lee or I should just say Lee because Jill fell asleep by the fireplace. Hey what's Griffin's blog? I heard he had one.