Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Hi! This is dad (Greg). Life is fabulous! We enjoy so much hearing from all of you. I've been able to talk with several of you on the phone in the past couple of days and it has been GRAND! Thanks for always thinking of us. My shoulder is much better (thanks for all the prayers and well wishes), but typing is still a bit of a stretch . . . so mom (Nancy) is going to take over. She's a much better writer anyway. I love you all . . . and Evelyn said "grandpa" on the phone. Hooray!!

Okay, I am taking over. I always kind of struggle to find something interesting to talk about on our blog. We mostly all get up and run off to school or work every day. We have been getting out at night more often, though. Allison and her friends made a stop-motion movie and entered it in the Film Festival on campus, so we went to that this week. There were some interesting movies (some good, some truly strange), but Al's was by far the best. For one thing, it was the shortest at only about 3 minutes long. For another, it was incredible that they took over 800 still pictures and turned them into that little 3 minute movie. If you would like to see it Allison has a link to it on her Facebook, I think. We weren't the only ones who thought it was the best of the night because everyone had to vote on their favorite movie and Al's made it into the Best of Show at the end of the semester! We will be going to that also!

Another night we felt like going to a movie. We went down to the cheap theater and found several chick flicks, so we went to the only one rated PG. Finding a PG movie these days is hard enough, but to find one for such a low price was too hard to pass up. So, even though we had never heard of it, we went to see Leap Year. It was the kind of movie that could easily be criticized for it's shallow plot and unrealistic turn of events, but it was entertaining and we got to see Ireland. It was just fun to see a clean movie and be out together. Yesterday we took Allison and Courtney to see When in Rome (also at the cheap theater), and it made Leap Year look like a 4-star movie. We decided though, that we had come to be entertained and we were, so it was okay.

This week we have really seen a change in the weather. It's been nice every day and today as I was making dinner I glanced out the kitchen window over the sink and realized that there is no snow to be seen! Of course, if you look out the big window there is still lots, but the snow under the tree is gone and there are little green shoots coming up.
I love the days staying light longer, and today I left the front door open all afternoon! What a happy time of year!

Here is Greg, doing what he loves best even with his arm in a sling. Up until a week ago there was so much snow that we couldn't even see the sidewalk!

This picture shows how much the snow has melted. Notice that the Christmas lights are also finally gone!

Courtney loves wedding dresses and was telling me the other night that she wanted to go try some on. I reminded her that we still had Ashland's dress here, so she went and put it on. It was short, but still beautiful!

Okay, I had two other pictures on here that keep disappearing. I always think that we should be getting faster at blogging, but it still takes me forever! Anyway, my apologies to Allison, who had a picture on here at one time, but it's gone now. Instead, here is Ink. Don't ask me why!