Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Getaway

I hope you are all noticing how good we are being about keeping this blog updated. We are still kind of slow at it, but getting faster each time. Tonight we are doing it at Greg's office and finding out that if we aren't on our ancient computer at home things do tend to move much faster!

As far as Greg's shoulder progress goes, last week he was upgraded to a small blue sling instead of his great big foamy one. He can now shower, shave, and dress himself pretty well, except for putting on his belt, tying his shoes and buttoning his top shirt button. I have tied countless little kindergartner's shoes over the years and it's weird to be tying a great big shoe now, but I'm getting used to it. He is making progress and is always in good spirits.

Allison has been on Talent Board here at BYU-Idaho this semester. She was the assistant manager for Acoustic Cafe and has had weekly meetings since January. This past Friday was finally the big show and Greg and I went to support her. It was fun to see her running around and getting all the talent ready before the show started. You may not know this about Allison, but she is in her element when she is in charge of something. She has been the activities director in her ward all year and has learned that she loves that kind of thing. She knows how to plan, organize, and pull off big activities that would intimidate the average person. We were glad we had gone to see her in action. Acoustic Cafe went off without a hitch and it was amazing to see how much talent is at this little school!

Allison at Acoustic Cafe

The next day Greg and I got up early and headed for Utah. Both the girls had things going on that prevented them from going with us, so it was just the two of us. By 11:00 we were walking into Grandma Hill's beautiful rehab center where she met us at the door with her walker. She walks with a limp, but otherwise is doing remarkably well. I think this is the strongest I have seen her in years! She proudly walked us around her new residence and showed off the dining room with glass table tops and fancy folded cloth napkins, the $15,000 aquarium (my favorite part!), the library, and her great big private room with cherry wood furniture. It has a real homey feel to it and is even layed out like a house rather than a hospital. She seems to be thriving there and does lots of physical therapy, not just on her legs, but also her arms so she is getting pretty strong. They feed them like kings, and she is the social butterfly of the place, calling everyone by their first names and then once they've passed telling us their stories. I felt good leaving her there because she is happy and doesn't seem to mind being there at all!

We have so many people we love who live in Utah now that it's hard to see them all every time we go down. This trip we feel like we did a pretty good job. Here are some of the people we saw:

Ashley and cute baby Lincoln

We met Peggy and George at The Olive Garden and took Krystalee with us (but I can't get this sentence to go under her picture!) Donny and Alyssa live at Grandma and Grandpa's house so we got to see them too!

We went to church with Jill's family and watched Caleb pass the sacrament for the first time. He did a great job! Then we went to Jill's for dinner. Kaitlin had knee surgery the day after Greg's surgery so they tried to tap in on each other's pain killers, but found out that they both have the same ones!This is Grandpa and Grandma's new house! It was a horribly snowy weekend, but you can see that it is a lovely house. It's about a mile up the hill from Jill's house.

We came home and found Colby and Jaren making dinner. No one else had come, not even Allison, so it was just those two and Courtney. Colby made us dinner too and Jaren did the dishes. Such a nice thing to come home to! We love those guys!


Tyson Hazard said...

You are better at posting than we are!!!

So is your mom at the rehab center temporarily, or is this a permanent thing? Are you still going to England with her this summer?

Thanks for including so many pictures, especially grandma and grandpa's new house! It's fun to see!

See you guys in a little over a month!

Madison said...

I miss home!!! I'm excited to be reunited with you all very soon!