Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Week

And what a week it was! Greg mentioned in the blog last week about how he separated his shoulder skiing with the scouts. Well, the dr. appointment on Monday confirmed what we were already afraid So, bright and early Wed. morning we went and checked him into the hospital. Luckily, it was just day surgery so there wasn't a long hospital stay involved. Our friend, Ron Mills, did the surgery and it was nice to have someone we trusted taking care of the situation. The surgery lasted about 2 1/2 hours and I think Ron said that he put both a rod and a pin in his shoulder. It was more damaged than he had at first thought, but it should be alright in the long run. We had a really nice nurse taking care of him and she brought us both lunch and gave us instructions before sending us on our way home. Let the long recovery process begin!

Greg has spent the better part of the last 5 days in the chair in the family room. He quickly found out that he couldn't sleep lying down, so he has slept, eaten, and lived in that chair. I took 2 days off and we both have watched more tv this week than we could stomach! Friday he couldn't stand it any longer and took a bath. I washed his hair, helped him into his work clothes, and we both went to work that afternoon. He came home later than I did, wiped out and in pain. Live and learn!

Today Greg went to church for the first hour, then came home and took a long nap on his back! He is in good spirits and still managed to play Mexican Train and entertain the troops when everyone came for dinner tonight. He is planning on going to work tomorrow, as usual. He has to wear both a sling and a swath (a foam strip that holds his shoulder in place). These two things were a little confusing to figure out when we tried to put them on the first time ourselves, but now it has become a part of our normal routine, as I guess it will be for a long time!

The other thing that we have done a lot of this week is take care of our sweet neighbor, Gavin. We had him both Monday night and for 9 hours yesterday while his mom was in the hospital taking care of his dad. He has entertained us with his guitar playing (which we have learned to hide now, but he always manages to find it!) and his chatter. We love Gavin!

Greg, just before going under the knife. It will be awhile before we see this sign of happiness with two hands again!

Gavin playing the guitar. This could've been Jingle Bells, It's a Small World, or whatever he was thinking about at the time.

Greg and Gavin "rockin out"

We took Gavin to Mill Hollow to see Courtney at work and to get him some frozen yogurt. Good friends!

Since Spring has been such a big subject in blogs lately, we thought we'd put our small signs in too. The backyard is still completely covered with snow, but you can see how far it is receding from the wall. And notice that the little perennials in the flower bed in the foreground are already showing and look healthy! Hey, we take anything we can get in Rexburg!

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Greene said...

Your house is the best house to recover with an arm injury! Nancy is a great caretaker so I hope you get well soon Greg. Gavin is looking so old! And courtney has my dream job.