Sunday, February 28, 2010

This past week we spent a lot of time by the fire watching the Olympics. One lesson of the Olympics is that excellence is all around us. Most of it never gets recognized. It is in the lives of ordinary people all around us making meaningful contributions. All of you deserve gold medals for things you are doing. I'm impressed every day with the things I hear and observe you doing. Congratulations to you all!!

Thursday we took a break from the Olympics and went to "Jimmy John's" for dinner. It is new in town and we want to support anything that's willing to take a chance on Rexburg. We rented the movie "Dave" and spent the night drifting in and out as we watched. On Friday, we went to the Temple, then to Wendy's for dinner and shopping for our weekly date.

Right now, Sunday, rolls are rising by the fire, Nancy is on the love seat wathching the Tabernacle Choir play the Olympic theme, Allison is on her computer upstairs and Courtney as it church. It is a time out during the Hockey final between The United States and Canada. the score is 2-1 Canada. 24 seconds in the third period . . . SCORE the United States!!! Now it's 2-2 and we go to OVERTIME!! It's never over til it's over!! This is almost as exciting as curling. I just called my friend Rob from Canada to ask about the overtime rules . . . he wasn't very happy, but was a great sport about it.

This is Allison on her comfortable bed in her comfortable room.

Yesterday, I took my scouts to Kelly Canyon for a day of skiing and snowboarding. Courtney and her friend Jenna also came as well as Nathan. Except for my separated shoulder it was a great day. My friend, Ron, the orthopedic surgeon, says I can let it go or have surgery. He says it's an injury that happens a lot in football . . . usually for linemen, they don't fix it, but for quarterbacks they do. Tomorrow I will go for xrays etc., but will probably opt for the surgery. It's about a 3 month recovery period, so I'll be ready for summer.

This is Courtney (on the right) and her friend Jenna Davis at Kelly Canyon.

Courtney on the right and Jenna on the left again.

Greg and Nathan at the top of the hill.

Greg and Fletcher (the representative scout).

Nancy was sustained in church today as the girl's camp co-director. Our friend Carrie is the other co-director. They will have fun together.

Ouch!! Canada just scored in overtime. Game over. I need to call Rob and be the first to congratulate him. I'm sure the energy from his house is what made the difference. Way to go Canada!! Way to go U.S.A.!!

Today is my sister Jill's birthday. Happy birthday. She was actually born on February 29th . . . so we celebrate today. She is a great sister with a great family!!

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Greene said...

I love that you guys are posting so often. Maybe I'll start blogging again too! It's fun to keep up with you. We miss you all!