Sunday, February 10, 2013

In January Fred and Susan took Nancy and to Yellowstone for a Snow Coach Ride into the park.  We had a wonderful time together.  They are two VERY fun people!!  This is Fred, Susan, and Nancy in the hotel lobby.  They are ready to go!!
 Best friends in the snow coach.  We were just sporting the sunglasses to look cool.  We're not sure it worked, but at least we think we're cool.
 This was the first of many bison that we saw throughout the day.
 Here's the four of us at Old Faithful.  I've been here many times in the summer.  It was a neat experience to see it in the winter with the snow all around.  This was our destination.  We ate lunch here at a cute little place.
 Susan and Nancy on the snow coach.  It was heated and comfortable.
 There were also a lot of snowmobiles in the park.  Actually, only 300 a day are allowed in the park.  This was one of the few places that had nice bathrooms . . . . thus the crowd. 
 I thought I was a real photographer with this close up.  I know all you real photographers are laughing at me right now, but I thought the ice crystals and pine cones together were neat.
 The cool sunglass wearers in front of the snow coach.  They basically replace the tires with snow tracks in the back and sleds in the front.
 Nancy, Susan, Fred, and me waiting for Old Faithful to do its thing.  It was actually a very nice day.
 The sisters in black. 
 We started with a bison, and ended up seeing many. 
More bison!!

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