Sunday, January 27, 2013

The happy thing is we had a wonderful Christmas in Utah.  The sad thing is we came home to a flooded basement.  Take a "walk through". 

 The water started in the downstairs bathroom (a running toilet) and the water made it's way out to the family room.  Once it got in the carpet it just followed the carpet pad wherever it went like a big sponge.
 Walls in the hall . . . gone.
 Play room . . . gone.
 Laundry room and bathroom . . .
 Sad day here . . .
 You can see all the way down the basement through the walls.
I'm thinking of leaving some secret passageways for the grandkids when we put it all back together.  Nancy is not big on this idea.
 See - wouldn't that be fun!
 Allison Hazard's room - age 12 (the last time we replaced carpet.
 Griffin Hazard's room - age 17

 The vanity will also need to probably be removed and replaced.
 Where it all began.
 From the bathroom looking out.
To Nancy's delight and my sorrow, we will replace the colored doors with something more classy.
More . . .
 The water barely got into the back bedroom, but enough to rip the carpet out.
 Looking from the play room (under the stairs) through the laundry room and into the back bedroom.

 A look at the culprit toilet from behind the wall in the play room under the stairs.
 The clubhouse wall took a beating.
 More from the club house walls
 More from the club house walls.
 The club house.
 Looking into the family room
 Courtney Hazard's room - age 11
One more look.
 This was under the family room carpet.
 Luckily, we can still use the washer and dryer.

That's it.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Stay tuned for the return tour after it's all put back together.


The Hargrave Clan said...

Hahaha! I wrote all those names and ages. I was very big into labeling things for awhile there :) Sorry to see the old basement go, but excited to see the new one come in! Good luck! And ps- I know at least two of your grandchildren and one of your daughters would LOVE a secret passageway...

Brittany said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry you went home to such a shock and a huge mess! We loved seeing you guys. My kids all love you guys too:)!