Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wow, January 22nd and we finally got some snow.  It wasn't until last night, but we have it. I actually got to push some snow off the driveway this morning.  It was only about a half inch, but it was fun.

 Looking down the hill as I drove to church today.
 The back yard.  I actually raked up apples and leaves yesterday and today we had snow.  It was like having spring and winter all in 24 hours.

On Wednesday of last week, Nancy's school had a fund raiser at the local McDonald's.  She got to go down and work for a half hour or so.  The place was crowded and it was fun to know most everyone there.  I guess this is one of the perks of living in a small town.  It can be good and bad,  but on this night it was very good and lots of fun.

Nancy in her red "Lincoln" shirt.  She also got to wear an official McDonald's apron, but I missed that photo op. 

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Matt, Haley, and Bennett Hargrave said...

I showed Bennett the picture of Mom at McDonald's and asked him who it was. His answer? "Mommy!" He was pretty confused...poor guy. We just look too much alike I guess. :)