Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nancy and I just got home from a nice weekend in Draper.  We drove to Grandma Hill's house on Friday.  We took a drive with her to Sundance and Aspen Grove to enjoy the colors of Fall.  It was really pretty.  After our drive, we went to the movies.  "The Help."  It was a nice way to spend time with one of our favorite people in the world. 

Friday night we drove to Grandma and Grandpa Hazard's house.  We got there about 11:00 to find Grandma, Grandpa, Donnie, Alyssa, Jill, Madison, and Andrew visiting and waiting for us to get there..  We continued to visit.  It was fun to meet Andrew (finally).

Saturday morning my dad and I went golfing while Nancy and my mom went shopping.  After golf, where I had 7 good holes, and 2 really bad holes, and a great time with my dad, we went to the stores to meet the ladies.  We shopped for a while longer, then went to Caleb's football game.  Jill's family came to the game too, and we had fun watching football, eating brots etc., and enjoying the colors on the Wasatch mountains.

That night, we went to "My Fair Lady".  I love musicals.  These songs have been going through my mind all day long today.  We went to church (stake conference) with mom and dad, had a nice BBQ at their house, then drove home to beautiful Rexburg.  It was a very fun and relaxing time for us.