Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another fun week in Rexburg. Logan and Rachel left for their trip to Mexico with Rachel's family, and we get to keep the three kids. Hurray, what fun!! Yesterday we did yard work, then went to Porter Park to ride the carousel and play in the splash park. It was a beautiful day. Last night we had a hot dog roast in the back yard. Good times. A bunch of neighborhood kids helped with Jack and Addy. Then after the kids were in bed, Nancy and I watched part 5 of the Roots series. Neither one of us have ever seen it.

Courtney signed her and me up to play mixed doubles in a city tennis tournament. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm glad she signed us up to play together. She has a lot of friends who are better than me that she could have played with, so I'm honored to be her partner.

Life is good here, and the weather is very nice. These are the times I love living in Idaho!!

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The Hazard Family said...

You are a great writer! I love reading your blog. Keep it going!!