Sunday, March 6, 2011

Okay, so I have to say that I can't get these pictures in the right order. Nancy and I had a deal that she would write the blog today and then I would insert the pictures. Well, I got the pictures on, but how do you move them once they're in?? I'd appreciate any advice from all you blog experts out there. Anyway, try to imagine the pictures in the right places in the text. Hope you all have a great week.

Our Week
The good thing about a busy week is that it goes really fast! I can't believe that we are already into the second week of March. It was a great week, though, and we actually have pictures to show for it!
If you are in Relief Society then you know that March is the Relief Society birthday. As part of my calling I had to come up with an idea of what to do to celebrate that special day. I had looked online awhile ago and found a little program called "Emma's Garden Party" that was about all the past and present General Relief Society presidents. It was only about 20 minutes long and since the focus this year is on learning the history of R.S. I thought it would fit right in. Plus, I loved the idea of decorating like a garden. Goodness knows we could use some color and outdoors around here, even if it was fake! I rounded up 15 good ladies to read the short parts and sent them down to the costume department at the college to find dresses from their time period. (The costume director just happens to be in our ward). We spent hours and hours decorating half of the gym to look garden-y and when we were done it was transformed! We had trees, lots of flowers, garden furniture, etc. all over the place. I wish we'd gotten a picture of it all, but I was too busy running around. While we ate we had Pride and Prejudice type music playing and I felt like we should all be walking around in big hats and long dresses. It was a lovely evening.
LIttle sandwiches on homemade rolls, veggies, fruit, and potato salad. Yum!

The dessert table. So delicious!

The ladies in the program looked great in their costumes. Again, wish we'd got a picture. We had them coming out of 3 different places to say their parts. They did a great job. It was such a nice night and I continue to get positive comments from everyone. We live in such a great ward!

So, we decorated all day and night on Tuesday, and had the dinner on Wednesday. The rest of the week was busy because of school stuff, but after 2 nights of staying there till 5:00 it all got done. Oh yeah, right as I was about to come home on Friday I opened up an unsafe sight on my school computer and got a virus. The screen was flashing "WARNING!" in big red letters and I didn't know what to do. It was after school hours so no one was around to help. I finally just turned it off and I guess I get to go face that in the morning. I'm sure you're all wondering why there weren't filters to block those kind of things out. Well, if I had spent the extra few minutes it takes to update them there would've been, because I've been warned many times that mine were out of date. Totally my fault and I feel terrible about it!

On the bright side, Greg has a little tradition of taking Allison and Courtney out to lunch on Thursdays, but that got kind of expensive. We decided they would just come home and eat our leftovers or something instead. Unfortunately, Greg has not been able to come for the past two weeks so instead he took us all out to Taco Time for dinner that night. The girls were pretty excited about it and it was a fun time, as usual. Never a dull moment with those two around.
The next night, after my big computer fiasco, Greg cheered me up by taking me to see True Grit. It was pretty good, but mostly it was just fun to get out and relax with my best buddy. We haven't been to a movie for awhile and it was good to get out.
Tonight we had 9 people for dinner and the conversation was lively and funny. I think we got two new members to our Sunday table. Greg's cousin's son, Colter, and his girlfriend (almost fiancee) will probably be joining us from now on. They are a such a nice couple and so grateful for good food! We sure enjoy our Sunday dinners!

One more thing. After all my whining about the long, hard winter we've had, this week the strip of grass has appeared on the side of the driveway! Hallelujah! Spring is finally on it's way.

And I will close with a random event that happened Friday morning. Greg and I were eating breakfast together, when all of a sudden something fell from the sky and landed right under the big kitchen window. We couldn't tell what it was, but when it fell there was like an explosion of little feathers that accompanied it. I jumped up and looked under the window and there was a hawk with a bird (a pretty big one) in it's talons! The poor bird was looking right at me with it's mouth open and flapping it's wings the best it could, while the hawk just sat there looking very superior. I, of course, was having a fit. I felt so sorry for that poor bird! It was probably just flying around minding it's own business when it was suddenly attacked and knocked down to the ground. Then the hawk just opened those big wings and flew off with the poor helpless bird still in it's clutches. Greg said, "There he goes to be breakfast". I guess that is the circle of life, but when it lands literally at your doorstep it's a little hard to see!


Matt, Haley, and Bennett Hargrave said...

"There it goes to be breakfast..." hahaha! I love dad. :)

Nathan and Rebekah Mains said...


It sounds like you had a wonderful Relief Society Garden party-- you always have such wonderful parties. You and Greg look great and it is fun to read your posts each week-- I look forward to them! I hope you both continue to do well, we miss you!

Love you both,
love bekah

Matthew Hargrave said...

Every boy should be forced to watch Pride and Prejudice and then never speak of it again..Oh the horror!...but the desserts look really yummy!!

Greene said...

Love you Aunt Nancy!