Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Monday morning, a day off from work because of President’s Day, Nancy and I went to the BYU-Idaho center and walked three miles while we watched people play tennis, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. When there’s twelve courts to watch as you walk it helps the time to pass quickly. After we walked we stretched. During the day we went to Idaho Falls to look for a new bedspread. Mom wants to redo our bedroom and it’s going to all revolve around whatever bedspread we get. Funny me . . . I always thought you painted first and then got a bedspread to match. Live and learn! Monday night we read an Ensign article together (we do this most Monday nights) for family night and then we went bowling. We haven’t been bowling with just the two of us for a long time. It was one of the early dates we went on when we first started dating 30 years ago. Neither of us has improved much in the last 30 years . . . but we haven’t got worse either.

Tuesday, I had a scout court of honor. The goal in our deacon’s quorum is that they will be life scouts before they turn 14. We also go on a campout every month except when it’s too cold for safety . . . so that’s about 9 campouts a year plus scout camp. We also have a goal that the boys have and wear uniforms when appropriate. That means at court of honors. So far, we are having a lot of success. I have really good scouts. They are respectful and fun.

Nancy has her Relief Society Presidency meeting when I’m at scouts. They are planning a big “Garden Party” and it’s going to be very well done. Every Tuesday when I come home from scouts she and the other three members of the presidency are all huddled at the kitchen table talking, laughing, and planning. They are a great presidency and mom is very conscientious about magnifying her calling. I’m very proud of her.

Wednesday I left for Provo where I spent the next two days. Three of us from Byu-Idaho went down to meet with people from BYU (Thursday) and UVU (Friday). It was sort of a “discovery and information gathering” trip. We are looking at their first year experience, mentoring, tutoring, and other programs they have for at risk students. We talked to a lot of very smart people and they were all very kind to us. They have some good things going on and were very willing to share their ideas and thoughts. We’ll see what happens at BYU-Idaho in the next little while.

I stayed with Grandma Hill on Wednesday night. It was great to visit with her that night, and then to have breakfast with her and visit again the next morning. It was nice to catch up on what everyone in the family is doing. And fun for me to update her on our family. I think she said she had talked to a couple of you this week, and she actually looks at all your blogs. She is fabulous!

Thursday night I went to Grandma and Grandpa Hazard’s house. They were in Flagstaff Arizona on their way to Colorado from California, but Alyssa and Donnie were there so I went to visit them. Donnie was at work so I had a great time talking with Alyssa. Donnie didn’t get home till late, and I left early, so we never got to see each other. There was about 6-8 inches of snow on the ground in Draper the Friday morning when I left for Provo. By the time I got to the freeway however the roads were pretty good. On our drive back to Rexburg that afternoon it began to snow around Malad Pass, but it didn’t bother me (I was sleeping). Apparently, there were a few cars off the road in some places.

Friday, after I got home, mom I went to the temple for ward conference. We did sealings and then had a chapel session after. Mom also went to the temple Thursday afternoon while I was in Provo.

This morning, Saturday, I vacuumed the house while mom got dressed and pretty. Then, we ate breakfast together and I dropped mom off at the BYU-Idaho center where they are having a big regional relief society meeting. Sister Beck is speaking. We saw her in the temple last night and shook her hand etc. Mom made the observation that she is taller than she looks on TV. Mom will save some seats and meet her relief society sisters there. I think Allison and Courtney are also going to meet her there. We are blessed to have access to such great opportunities.

After dropping mom off at the BYU-I center, I went to the gym and did a little over three miles on the elliptical and then stretched and did some sit-ups. I actually did 250 sit-ups, but they’re not real ones cause I did them on this little sit-up machine in the fitness center. For some reason, however, my stomach muscles still hurt.

After the gym, I went to DI where I picked up my summer supply of “T” shirts. I have to go when mom’s not looking cause she is so good to me she always wants to buy me new ones. I like them used and broke in. I had to try on about 600 shirts before I found 6 that I liked. The first thing I did when I got home was wash my hands and throw the shirts in the washing machine. Mom will be so proud of me. Now I will take a closet full of clothes back to DI to drop them off. It’s a vicious circle! I got 6 shirts for 1/3 the price of one new shirt . . . you can imagine the quality . . . It’s good though, cause when I get tired of wearing them I can instantly use them as car washing rags.

I watched the BYU game today and paid bills while I watched. Good game . . . the right team won. After the game, Allison, Courtney, and I went grocery shopping. It was fun to see what kind of food they bought.

Tonight, mom and I went to dinner with the Bishop and his wife. We had a fun time together. We went to a new Chinese food restaurant in town. Good food and company. He will be released soon and has been a good bishop.

I also need to organize some stuff for my secretary to give to my classes on Monday because I have University Council from 9:00-11:00 which is right when I teach. I’m sure my students will miss me . . . like a broken arm.

These are the shirts I took to DI. Some of you might recognize some of them since I've worn them to the last 5 family reunions etc. It's good to have new old shirts.
It was great fun shopping with Allison and Courtney. They are good shoppers.
These are mom's relief society friends (the presidency!).
Notice the snow is up to the last rail on the garden fence. Wow!! It's exciting!!
Matt sent me this shirt from Iraq. I love it!

I hope everyone has a great week.


Matt, Haley, and Bennett Hargrave said...

Oh Dad, I just love your blog posts. Thanks for making me laugh... :)

Matthew Hargrave said...

I totally understand the shopping at DI..Only way to go!