Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Greg has kicked me out of the kitchen, so I am going to update our blog. I know, we have been very negligent lately keeping this up, but I am here to do something about it! Unfortunately, we lost our camera when we went down to Utah last week so there will be no pictures, but at least we can still write.

It's hard to believe that this is the last day of a very fun, very busy Christmas vacation. It went so fast! If anyone reads this blog besides our own kids I suggest you read Logan's, Griffin's, Haley's, and Allison's blogs to catch up on all the fun we've had. They have the pictures and videos that we would probably be posting too if we had our camera. It was such a fun treat having everyone come for the week before Christmas, and so fun to get to know our little grandchildren better. It was a little crowded and very noisy, but oh so fun! I loved the way that Evelyn warmed up to me and it was always a fun surprise to realize that when she said, "Ganma" she was talking to me! That was my first experience being called grandma and I loved it! Bennett has become Greg's best buddy and he always wants his "Bumpa." Watching Addy giggle and play and catching Jack's cute little smile was so fun, and the night that I held Zoey while she happily squealed louder and louder was hilarious. These memories are stored in our minds forever and will get us through the months until our next visits. It makes us realize what we are missing as grandparents and that part is hard, but we are so proud of all the kids doing what they're doing, and living such good lives that we wouldn't have it any other way. We just hope that they all find their way west some day so that it's not quite as hard to get to them!

Haley has been here with us for the whole month of December, but even her time is coming to a close. She and Bennett will be leaving on Tuesday to go down to Utah and catch an early morning flight out the next day. It has been so delightful having them both here that I have been trying to devise ways to hold them captive and never let them go. Haley is such an excellent mom and we are all so impressed with not only the way she keeps Bennett so clean and happy, but also the expectations she has set for him that make him a polite, well behaved little boy while still being busy and active. We are so happy with the excellent parents that all of our kids are. Where did they learn that? It makes me feel so good to know that our grandkids are in such great hands. They are being taught not only important things like colors, letters, and numbers, but also manners, respect, and gospel truths. Good job, guys!

Well, I am rambling and this is more like a letter than a blog post, but that is more my style. We are excited to see what 2011 has in store for us. We will be heading to Cleveland for Logan's graduation from dental school in May and then it will be interesting to see where they go next. We have helped both Allison and Courtney move into new apartments and they start their new semesters on Wednesday. Matt will be home on the 9th and we are so happy for Haley and Bennett to get to be with him and to be a family again, if only for 2 weeks. Griff and Ash start their new semesters soon too, whittling down their schooling one semester at a time. As for Greg and me, we will be empty nesters again, but that term is used loosely since we have kids coming in and out during the week, and a houseful of them every Sunday. It's a good life and we love it!

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