Sunday, April 25, 2010

During our semester break, Courtney and I (Greg) went on a road trip that took us to Haley, Matt, and Bennett in Texas and Griffin and Ashland in Oklahoma. This is one of the towns we went through on our trip. We took a picture in honor of Colby my nephew. Scroll to the bottom of this post and work your way up because I seemed to have posted the pictures in reverse order. We love road trips!!

Whoops . . . out of order, but Griff showed us through the law library and school. It is very impressive.

Time to drive home. Courtney's goal was to get a suntan through the sunroof.

We got to spend a night of dinner and fun with Ashland's family. We love the Sellers and are super happy to be family.

Griff and Ash's home is full of really neat animals . . . like this turtle.

We got to walk around Tulsa University and the law school while Griffin was in class and Ashland was at work.

After the aquarium, we had lunch on the "River Walk" at Los Cabos. Great setting, great food, great company.

Another shot in the aquarium. This is a really cool glass tunnel where sharks literally swim all around you.

We went to the aquarium in Tulsa. It was fabulous!!

We worked in the yard a little. It is looking great!!

Griff displaying his sympathy pains with Ashland.

Playing tennis on the neighborhood courts.

Roasting hot dogs in Griff and Ash's back yard.

From Texas, we got in the car and moved on to Oklahoma and Griffin and Ashland's house. One of our first orders of business was a horseshoe game in the new pits Griff put in his back yard. You'll have to ask him who won.

After the initial adjustment, Courtney and Bennett became best friends!

Matt was on maneuvers, but was able to come home for a while. We were glad . . . and so were Haley and Bennett.

This is one of the main reasons we came . . . just to chill with Bennett.

Haley and Bennett were there to greet us when we got to Copperas Cove. Hooray!! Bennett's not sure about Aunt Courtney.

Our cheap hotel room. I'm ready to go and Court hasn't moved yet. That's the beauty of a road trip. No deadlines . . . no schedules.

I just woke up and thought I fell asleep driving . . . you know how that is.

A view in the rear view mirror as we drive east . . . away from the sunset.

Courtney loves driving!

Courtney at the temple in Monticello Utah.

Hands in the air out the sunroof. We are real road trippers!

Me and Courtney just outside Moab Utah. We've decided this would be a great place to come for our next vacation.

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