Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hi everyone. Mom and I always have so much fun looking at your blogs every week that I've decided to try a little "blogging" of my own.

This is mom and I at Gringos last Thursday night. I think mom is the most beautiful woman in the world. We got a new camera last week so are just learning how to use it. Obviously we have a lot to learn about "settings" because my hair is really not that grey and my stomach is really not that big. But mom really is that pretty!!

Like I eluded to, Thursday this week Nancy, Allison, Courtney, and I went to Gringos to eat. It was a fundraiser for the new high school. The food was good and we won a soccer ball in the raffle drawing. Here is a picture of Allison and Courtney. We are sure enjoying having both of them home. They keep busy with school, work, and other activities, but we get to see them every day for a little while, and that makes every day a little bit better.

On Friday, Nancy and I went with Brad and Marie Parkenson to their cabin in Wyoming. I've been there a couple of times before. Once when Griffin, Haley, and I played in a tennis tournament in Jackson Hole, and once when I went with Courtney and the tennis team for a clinic. This is the first time Nancy has been able to come. We had a blast. We played games and told stories at night. I felt like a college kid because we didn't get to bed until about 1:00.

This is a picture of Nancy and I feeding the deer outside the cabin. I counted 14 at one time. They got braver as the day went on and by the time we went home we had many friends. Of course, they all loved Nancy. She is a natural with kids and animals!

We also went sledding. We would slide down the snow covered roads about 3/4 of a mile, then drag the sleds back up the hill with four wheelers. It sounds easy, but for some reason it wiped us all out. It was a blast riding with Nancy in the sled. We got the "leaning" thing down pretty well by the end.

We went to Afton Wyoming for lunch. Some of you may remember that this is where I was born. Grandpa was teaching and coaching at the high school in 1957 when I was born. We moved from Afton when I was two years old. Anyway, we had lunch at a fish place (mom got chicken strips and I got salmon). Then, we went to a book store and a furniture shop to browse at stuff. Here we are with Marie in Afton.

We drove home late Saturday night, so we could be here for church and dinner with everyone on Sunday. Even now as I write Colby and Jaron are upstairs. I guess I'd better go help with dinner. Hope everyone has a great day and week.

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Cambria Hazard said...

Oh, wow, I just wanted to be the first one to comment on this momentous occasion of the first blog post in almost a year! It is exciting to hear from you. Tell Nancy I had great intentions of writing her an email today about her hot chocolate recipe (Courtney's bitter hot chocolate) but Tyson wants to go to bed now so I guess she will just have to hear from me later. Love you guys!