Sunday, October 6, 2013

Conference weekend.  Allison and Courtney both came home for conference weekend.  We've had a great time together.  Friday night we went to the theater down town to watch the BYU/Utah State game and eat pizza.  Though we have ties to both places, we were happy with the outcome. 

Saturday we watched conference and took out the garden between sessions.  The garden is now ready for winter.  Unfortunately, we found a leak in the storage room, so we had to take out a bunch of stuff out of the storage room and dry it out.  It was kind of fun because we went through boxes of old letters, journals, and school work.    Saturday night while I was at priesthood meeting all the girls went to the bookstore thingy down town.  Sierra came over Saturday afternoon and went out with the girls then stayed over night.

Today, Sunday, has been the traditional brunch and conference day.  Crepes, quiche, strawberries, peaches, orange rolls, orange juice, yogurt, bacon, etc.  Very, very good.  We also turned on the fireplace for tradition.  The furnace is nice, but it doesn't have the aesthetic appeal of the fire place.  Between sessions, we went to Twin Bridges for a nice walk.


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