Monday, August 26, 2013

Time to catch up a little.  We were blessed to be able to have a family reunion in Post Falls for a few days in August.  Everyone was able to make it, and it was sooo good for Nancy and me to see them all together.  We know an event like this can be stressful, but we are so grateful for the extra effort everyone made to be there.  Many sacrifices were made by each family to make this possible for us.  We hope all the kids, inlaws, and grandchildren know of our love and appreciation to each of them for making this happen for us.  They are the greatest!! 

Note to the kids:  I imagine, and hope, you are all back to the rhythms of your own homes and lives which is how it should be, but want to thank you again for allowing those rhythms to be interrupted for just a while.  We are very proud, and appreciate and love each of you. 

We did lots of things:  Bounce house for an afternoon, rented a ski boat, ran a river, went to breakfast with the adults, took a hike, went to an indoor swimming pool, went to the park, watched movies on the wall, visited, etc.  We had planned to golf one day, but it got rained out . . . bummer.

Not many pictures were taken because we were so wrapped up in the moment.  But, Allison is making a video that we are all looking forward to. 

 Here we all are at Quimlan park in Post Falls.  We all stayed at Logan and Rachel's home.  It was gracious of them to have us. 

 Could they (the grandkids) be any cuter??  I don't think so.

 The love of my life.
 Three of my best friends in the world!
Watch out project runway models . . .

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