Monday, May 27, 2013

We spent the Memorial Day weekend in Post Falls with Logan and Rachel's family.  It was their anniversary so we stayed with the kids while they went off on an adventure for the a couple of days.

Nancy and I had a great time with the kids.  We went on hikes, played at the park, watched movies, went to McDonalds for happy meals, played Shoots and Ladders and other games, went on walks, took naps, went to church, took naps at church, . . . .  Evelyn, Jack, Addy, and Maron are very fun to be with . . . just like all our other grandkids!!

Logan and Rachel got home from their adventure (biking, camping, and river running) on Sunday afternoon and we had a backyard BBQ and roasted marshmallows.  Then, stayed up late talking after the kids were all in bed. 

This morning Logan and I got up early and went for a hike around Quimlen park.  This is a city park with climbing rocks etc.  A great way to start the day. 

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