Sunday, October 28, 2012

Well, it's been a great week, but I'll spare you the details.  Mostly, we get the "greatness" part from watching our kids and grandkids.  They always make us smile.  Check out their blogs.

Friday night we drove Tanner (my nephew) to Idaho Falls to pick up his jeep.  He and I had had it towed there a couple of days earlier.  After getting the jeep we went to dinner together, then he went back to Rexburg and Nancy and I spent the night in Idaho Falls (shopping . . . whoo hoo!).

Saturday was our day to serve in the temple, so that's what we did and it was great.  When we got home, Courtney wanted us to go to the "Haunted Mill" with her and our friends the Mills, and out to our friends, Brad and Marie's house for games, but we were too tired and had to finish the grocery shopping for the week (more shopping . . . yuck) so opted out.  Sorry Court . . . it sounded like fun.

Today we had our traditional "Pumpkin Stew" night, then lounged around the house playing games, talking, and doing homework.  


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Nathan and Rebekah Mains said...

I wish I could have been there. I LOVE pumpkin stew night. I am going to attempt to make it this week on Halloween. Hope all is well with you.

Love, Bekah