Sunday, April 1, 2012

We had a fun visit from Natalie and her kids this week.  Tanner is looking at different colleges.  We had a great time with them.  Tanner taught me a few things about basketball and we also played a little racquetball. We toured the BYU-I campus and went to the movies.  We're so glad they could come.

We love General Conference weekend.  It always means a great traditional brunch, a few good walks, and some good messages from church leaders.  Allison, Courtney, Mykel, and Savanah were with us for Conference. 

These two things combined has made it a good week for us.
 The tour took us to the BYU-I center.  This is where Tanner taught me a thing or two about basketball later in the day.
 Tanner and Natalie.  We're so glad they came to visit.

 Lunch at the crossroads at BYU-Idaho.  We actually ate lunch twice.  All the boys wanted to know who the two girls were.  
 Nancy and Allison preparing for brunch.  We're so glad Allison could come from Logan to spend Conference Weekend with us.
 We're also glad that Courtney could come home from her apartment to spend Conference Weekend with us. 

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