Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yesterday mom and I had a fun time.  We slept in, then went walk/running at the BYU-I center.  Then we went to the temple.  At 3:50 we were going to "Mission Impossible".  But, when we got there we found out the movie started at 8:50 . . . time for new glasses.  I swear that 8 was a 3!  Anyway, we'll see it another time.  We came home and watched the Benny Goodman story.  Pretty good.

Madison took 2nd place at state (basketball).  Rigby beat them in the final and took 1st place.  Between these two teams our side of the state was well represented.  Sugar City also went to the 3A tournament in Boise. 

Oh well, here comes next week!!

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