Sunday, January 1, 2012

What a wonderful Christmas!  We were blessed to have Logan/Rachel and family, Griffin/Ashland and family, Allison, and Courtney all here for Christmas.  It was fun, fun, fun!   The best part was just visiting with everyone and, of course, holding and playing with grandkids.  

Some of the things some or all of us did were:  Christmas morning excitement, skyping Matt/Haley and Bennett, cross country skiing into a yurt for the night at Harriman State Park (Nancy and Allison babysat the kids at home), sledding in the street, picking apples in December, going to movies, watching football, eating pizza with Susan and Fred, going to the climbing gym, moving Allison’s stuff to Logan, playing games, spades (a game, but worth special mention), visiting Grandma Hill, seeing Kaitlin and Hayden, shopping, exchanging, eating, cooking, racquetball, talking, holding kids, playing with the kid’s toys, driving, etc.

Logan and Griffin have both taken their families home so,

Now, Sunday January 1st, it is Nancy, Allison, Courtney, and me again.  What a fun, fun, core of four.  The sad but exciting news is that Allison will move to Logan on Tuesday, and Courtney will move to an apartment.  So, it will be Nancy and me starting Wednesday.  The kids are ready to be gone and moving on, and we are excited for them.   

We really are their number one fans.

We still need to get pictures off the multiple cameras that were constantly clicking, but here are a few pictures.  Enjoy.

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