Sunday, December 4, 2011

Still no camera, but a lot of "picture worthy" things have happened.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday in Rexburg.  My mom and dad came as did Jill and Lee's family.  It was fun to sit around and visit and do lots of other family fun things.  Among all that went on, Nancy really liked shopping with the girls, and I really liked our football game in the gym.  We feel blessed to have been surrounded by family.  And, we feel blessed for modern technology which allowed us to visit with family who were far from Rexburg.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Yesterday, we got the Christmas lights up outside, and the inside decorated.  So, we are ready and looking forward to Christmas.  We will get our tree this week, and then we will really be ready.  Not a lot of snow in Rexburg yet, so the Christmas feeling hasn't really hit yet.  My suspicion, however, is that we will have snow soon. 

I've looked at blogs and talked to many of you this week.  Hurray for everyone.  

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