Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nancy is Fabulous

Today was just another day in Rexburg, or as I like to say . . . another day in paradise. The favorite part of the day was going to lunch with Allison and Courtney. We met at my office and then walked to "Sammy's" which is a new hamburger joint in town. We ate and talked and laughed and just spent time together. It was fun, and the day was perfect for walking.

I teach a workshop for students on academic probation about ten times during the semester. These workshops begin at 4:30 and go for an hour. I usually have students stay after to ask questions, so don't get home till about 6:00. I like teaching these workshops and helping students understand how to get back on track. Last Wednesday I had 76 students and today I had 20 students. They only have to come once during the semester. By the end of the semester I will have seen a lot of students.

Last Friday I took the scouts to Palisades Creek to camp. In the morning we packed up and hiked to Lower Palisades Lake. The leaves were beginning to change and the hike was beautiful. It's 4 miles in and 4 miles out so a pretty good hike. One boy hit his head on a bridge and ended up needing 6 staples to close the wound. Other than that, things went well. He's okay, and will have a good story to tell. This is the same hike that Nancy, the girls, and I took a few years ago. Only we backpacked into the lower lake, camped, and then hiked to the upper lake. As I hiked with the scouts I had fun remembering the hike with the girls. Good memories.

For family night on Monday, mom and I made cinnamon rolls with the intent to take them to different friends. By the time we got done it was too late to take them anywhere so Allison and Courtney got some and I took the rest to work for my friends there. The rolls only lasted a short while. Mom is a great cook! I love watching her in the kitchen. I can crack eggs and stir stuff, but Mom can really cook. She is fabulous.

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Greene said...

You are right. Nancy is a really good cook!