Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catching up

Hello Everyone,
I just finished reading the weekly blogs and was completely entertained. Thanks to everyone for being so diligent. This past week has been "scout camp" week. I took the scouts to "Treasure Mountain" scout camp. It is located just below the Tetons on on the Idaho side. It was a very pretty setting and the weather was wonderful.

Our troop won the "honor troop" award. Apparently this award had little to do with cheers and/or songs. We didn't really get into the cheering and singing, but we did everything else well. I only had seven boys so it was a good size. Dads and other leaders rotated through the week, but I was there the whole time.

Actually, I left Friday afternoon, and everyone else came home Saturday morning. I had to get home so Mom and I could go to the Fife reunion at Lava Hot Springs on Saturday. We did and it was nice. Grandma and Grandpa were there so we got to visit with them which is always fun.

We are getting a new roof on the house. Mom has made good friends with all the roofers. They started on Thursday and will finish on Monday. So, we will once again be blessed with a good roof over our heads. The roofers were totally amazed that we didn't have leaks anywhere. Apparently the roof was pretty bad. Even us novice "roof lookers" could tell it was bad.

Mom will now be pushing hard to get things ready for "Girls Camp". She is very organized and will put together a wonderful camp. On Tuesday, the scouts will show the girls how to put up the tents. Mom requested this.

We love you all,
No pictures this week, but wanted to post anyway. We hope you all have a great week!!

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