Saturday, May 22, 2010

Catching up...Again!

Hello again! I know we've been slackers about blogging lately, but we will try to catch up. 

Spring is finally here to stay, which I guess includes freak snowstorms like the kind we had today. For the most part though, the weather has been nicer and there is proof all around. The tulips are up in the yard, the trees are budding with it's yellow green splendor, and Greg has even mowed the lawn a couple of times. We are also having a fight with dandelions this year that is unprecedented for us. We WILL come out the victors, however, as soon as it stops raining and snowing and we can put weed and feed on the lawn!

Another sure sign of spring is a new semester starting. We love this time of year and are always so glad when returning students are accompanied by their parents who come to stay with us. This year we had Donnie and Leslie and Troy come to bring Sierra back. They stayed with us for a few days and it was so good to see them again. A week or two later, Madison returned from Jerusalem and came up with her boyfriend, Tom, and Jill. Jill stayed with us for a fun 5 days and it was so fun to have her be part of our family. She was here for my birthday and made me a wonderful birthday dinner! Tom has also become part of us as he has come to see Madison on numerous occassions and stays with us when he does.  Last Sunday Madison was asked to be the keynote speaker at a fireside where she spoke about her Jerusalem experience. Jill, Lee, Conrad, Anna, Tom, and Grandma and Grandpa all came up to see her. They came in time to eat with us, then we all went to the fireside. Madi did a great job and it sounded like such a great experience that I wish I could go! Everyone went home soon after the fireside was over. Sometimes the company comes for a long time and sometimes they come for a short time, but no matter how long they stay, we always like it when they come!

Another big thing that has happened since we wrote is that Allison went to Europe for 3 weeks. She went with the college on a humanities tour and loved learning about and seeing all of the art in Europe. They went to London, France, Austria, Italy, and Spain. She made new friends, ate new foods, and was introduced to new cultures. They met wonderful people (including nuns who took good care of them when they stayed in their convent), walked up hundreds of stairs in numerous castles and palaces, and enjoyed Les Mis in London. It was a trip of a lifetime and, now that she's home we have enjoyed seeing her many pictures and hearing all of her fun stories.

Here are some pictures of what we've done lately.  They're not nearly as fun as Allison's pictures, but also not nearly as many!

Allison texted me one day and said, "I'm in a band!" She has some very musical friends who had formed a band and they needed a drummer. She convinced them to give her a try (she does it on the keyboard), and she was good! They played at I-Night and we all went to support her.  Here are Kate (Colby's girlfriend), Hannah, Sierra, Allison, and Courtney waiting for Allison's big debut.

Allison on the keyboard playing with her band. The song they played was called Saltwater Room by Owl City, and had a very complicated rhythm that I don't think I ever would've mastered. They have been asked to play it again at another event. Allison is so excited to be in a band! They sound really good. 
    Nancy, Leslie, and Donnie enjoying the concert. It took place in the new part of the MC called The Crossroads, which is where the eating area is. Those of you who went to school here would be amazed at what the MC looks like now!

When Jill came we went to St. Anthony to see where Jill had served on her mission.We went to Big J's, one of our favorite little hamburger joints and had dinner. Doesn't Courtney look thrilled? This is Courtney being Courtney!

Why is this blue and underlined? I don't know! Anyway, this is part of our Sunday group. Tom, Madison, Sierra, Hannah (Sierra's cousin on the other side), and Courtney.

Today Allison, Greg, and I went up to Mesa Falls for a quick little getaway. It is always so pretty and serene up there. It was cold, hence the coats, but it felt fresh and good to be outdoors. Where is the sun? We haven't seen it all week! I only have 3 more days till my "summer" vacation starts and we have been wearing coats for days.

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