Sunday, March 1, 2009

While Nancy was in Provo with her mom, Sunday dinner took on a little different look. Everybody chose their favorite ceriol and we were on our way. Some fruit, yogurt, juice, and chocolate milk made for a fun night of eating. We will be soooo glad when Nancy gets home. Not just for the food . . . but because she makes everything better.

Last Sunday we had dinner with the Mills family. We were celebrating Becca's 18th birthday. After dinner, we had a fun night talking, playing ping pong, and shooting pool. We love the Mills! They are good friends.

On Wednesday, Griffin, Colby, Jaren, and I went night skiing at Kelly Canyon. It was a beautiful night with no lines. We all had a great time. Here's a video of Griffin jumping. He didn't get much of a run at it or he would have gone longer and higher. It hurts my knees just to watch them land.


Matt and Haley Hargrave said...

Oh-my-goodness a blog entry!! I am so proud of you! :)

Madi said...

That cereal party was so fun!! I loved it

Greene said...

I forgot that you painted your kitchen and I love it! Griffin is good!